Atlantic Hurricanes

By: Brianna Pukish

How does water temperature affect hurricanes?

Hurricanes use warm moist water as fuel, so without warm moist water they can't form. They form when the warm moist air rises to the surface form in a low pressure system. then the air continues to rise, the surrounding air swirls around it. As the warm air rises and cools it forms clouds. the whole system of clouds spins and grows. Once the wind speed reaches 74mph it is classified as a hurricane. But without the warm moist water the hurricane can't from.

How does El Nino affect hurricanes?

An El Nino is temporary change in the pacific ocean in the region around the equator.

Usually the wind in the pacific ocean blows strongly from east to west causing the water in the east to be cooler than the water in the west of the pacific ocean. In an El Nino the wins pushing the the water aren't as strong so some of the warmer water in the west slumps back down into the east causing those water to become warmer. Then this warm water causes the wind strength to become even weaker, making the water in the east even warmer. This affects hurricanes because when an El Nino is happening more hurricanes happen on the west coast causing less hurricanes to happen along the east coast. This is because of the increased wind shear that happens along the east coast during an El Nino. The increased wind shear helps to prevent tropical disturbances from developing into hurricanes.

How does Bermuda High affect hurricanes?

The Bermuda High is a high pressure area that is centered around the Bermuda during the spring and summer.

the bermuda high causes prolonged heat waves in the eastern part of the eastern part of the country. These heat waves bring in a tropical air mass with lots of moisture. these two factors make it easier for hurricanes to form over the Atlantic ocean and along the east coast. But just because the bermuda is happening doesn't mean hurricanes are gaurenteed to form in the Atlantic ocean, it also depends on the location of the bermuda high. if it occurs closer to the coast of Africa it is less likely to affect hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean.