Food And Art For 2014

Andres Risquez presents his "Currency" series

Andres Ignacio Risquez was born in the United States of America in 1978 and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. This combination of cultures has been present in his life and especially in his artwork.

Andres is a graphic designer and visual artist, born in a family with strong background in art. Since childhood he was strongly influenced by visits to museums, art exhibitions, galleries, biennials, and artistic activities in general. Among his family Andres has filmmakers, artists, curators, Art Critics and musicians with international presence.

As an adult, Andres decided to study Graphic Design and Industrial Design at the Design School of Caracas, where he graduated as a Graphic Designer, took classes in painting, materials resistance among others, all of this helped him to find his passion.

He admits his work to be heavily influenced by great masters such as Keiichi Taanami, Takashi Murakami, Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Roy Lichstenstein and Gunter Sachs.

His work is characterized by the use of techniques like graphic synthesis and graphics, comics, halftones, templates, patterns and typography. Collage and Assemblage are key in developing many of them. The stencils and a bit of graffiti have been included in some of the pieces, including illustrations, giant icons and heroes.

During Andres’s career he’s been involved with some important art collectors, achieving presence in private collections such as Juan Esteban Aristizabal "Juanes" collection - 2010 Stock Series Bounty Hunter, set of 3 pieces w / or 12x24 inches. Orozco Family collection - 2011 Collection BASTOS, Diptych 60x60 inches. Campbell Mancini - 2012 Series Collection’s SK8 (skate) series of 3. 32x8 inches.

From 2007 his art evolved its way to the painting of murals in public spaces, characterizing his work and reinforcing the urban character, present in all of his pieces. Andres has participated in group exhibitions in many galleries, like The Diaspora Vibe Gallery size, LMNT, American Art, Art Basel Miami, FL and his work has been published in the book, THE LOGOS Compass Publishing Die-Gestalten, Berlin, October 2010.

January Art walk

Saturday, Jan. 11th, 6-11pm

2235 Northwest 2nd Avenue

Miami, FL

The Hangar will present world renowned chef Dana Ware

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