Nuremberg Trial - Alfred Jodl

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About Alfred Jodl

Alfred Jodl was a German military commander - and had a position of the Operations Staff of the Armed Forces High Command. Jodl met Adolf Hitler for the first time in September of 1939. Jodl claimed that he did not always agree with Hitler but was found guilty for all of his harsh crimes.


Jodl was found guilty on all counts, which were crimes against humanity, crimes against peace, and crimes against war. Jodl was found guilt of encouraging others to commit crimes that were unnecessary and harsh. There is also very littler evidence saying that he was involved in the slave labor program. in addition, there were many documents with plans that included the plan to kill Soviet commissars that were signed by Jodl and his staff.


Alfred Jodl said that he was an obedient solider and did what he was told with no questions asked. During that time period, that was not a valid excuse and the judge did not put that into consideration. Jodl was found guilty and was hung on 16 October 1946 at the age of 56.


I do not think it was wrong that the German soldiers were executed, but I do not think an eye for an eye is correct. We as Americans were trying to lead by example and prove that it was not okay what so ever for someone to be murdered because of what they believe in, what they look like, or who they like. But, I strongly do think that it would extremely hard to walk into a concentration camp and seeing all of the starving, hopeless, terrified people that were locked up like animals. And I honestly do think that, that was probably one of the most horrific events American solders walked into. I do not know what would have been the best consequence for them. Many were hung but others I feel were let off easy and were only sentenced to prison for as little as 10 years. I think that convicting the Germans would've been an extremely hard job.