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September News

Let's get Involved!

September brings plenty of opportunities to get involved with the happenings in your child's school. From Census Competitions to Family-Focused Workshops, there's something for everyone. Scroll through sections below and let your voice be heard! Let's get started on a great school year!

Join in on a little friendly competition!

Help our school system win up to $65,000! The Alabama Census Bowl is a competition to encourage our state's residents to fill out their Census form. It's only 10 questions and takes just 6 minutes to complete. The higher our completion percentage, the more money our school district can win. If you haven't filled out your Census yet, do it now!

We Want to Hear from You!

Click on your school's image below to take the Family Engagement Survey. This lets your school know which workshops or training sessions that you're interested in! You'll also have the chance to tell us if you're interested in volunteering with your child's school.


Looking Ahead ~ Is Your Child Ready for College?

Here's the latest issue of Potential Magazine, which is packed full of resources for families of high school students. Information is included about the changes to scoring and test dates for the ACT/SAT as well as scholarship opportunities and resume suggestions. We'll be hosting a Countdown to College Workshop soon, but for now, read through these articles and check out the college spotlights at the end!

Need Broadband Access at your Home?

The Alabama Broadband Connectivity for Students program will help households throughout Alabama access the internet this fall! If you have filled out a school lunch form, you should receive a prepaid voucher by U.S. mail by the end of August. Then you'll call the internet service provider of your choice, give them your voucher code, and sign up for service.


We believe that every parent wants to be involved in their child's education and that our community deeply hopes to see our local children succeed. It is our goal, then, to design programs that equip parents and communities to be effective in their involvement. At the same time, we will be working to increase the capacity of our local schools to successfully engage with our families and communities. As we increase our level of communication and engagement, we will do so with respectful relationships, equal accountability, overlapping responsibilities, and shared vision.

Cherokee County Schools

Suzannah Yoder,

Parent and Family Engagement Specialist