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Technology Integration Update

Sunrise is going mobile! When we return to school after spring break you will notice that the two computer labs are gone. But don't worry, we are maintaining the same level of access for students and teachers. The computer labs have been replaced with Chromebook carts. We have a total of five Chromebook carts and three iPad carts. Plus, there will be five stand alone desktop computers in each lab. A big THANK YOU, to the PTO for purchasing one of the Chromebook carts.

That means technology integration will be primarily focused in the classroom environment instead of the lab setting. Our students are using their voice and sharing their learning in a variety of dynamic ways. I'm excited to share with you some student examples.

Technology Showcase

Mrs. Hays' 5th Grade Classroom

Mrs. Hays has been using Google Apps For Education and Seesaw a digital learning journal to engage students in learning across the content and to provide them the opportunity to use their voice. Her students have been using Chromebooks and iPads to integrate technology. Check out these student examples:

Gavin Tracy

Paige Jackson

Mrs. Larsen's First Grade

Her first graders are busy using the blended learning app called Front Row and have just started exploring another app called Moby Max. Both of these programs are aligned to Common Core Standards and provide her with feedback on her student's progress. They are also using Seesaw the learning journal to share their learning. They are primarily using district provided iPads to integrate technology into the various content areas.

Peyton Strand and Emma Antes

Mrs. Stumbough's Fifth Grade Class

As a fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Stumbough and her class have had access to Chromebooks since October. They have become proficient using the Chromebooks and are on their way to becoming Google Apps experts. They are using Google Apps across the curriculum to share their learning. Check out this social studies example from her classroom. Students had to research and then created this slideshow using Google Slides.

Social Studies