LES Fourth Grade News

What's Going On

Students in fourth grade have been humming along in the past weeks, finishing up their studies in life science with a poster project, putting the final touches on their realistic fiction stories during Writing Workshop, and preparing for and taking the second unit assessment in Everyday Math. Reading instruction was directed towards both working with nonfiction and sharing literature in small groups. The first round of book groups has finished up and new groups are forming.

As those units come to an end, we are shifting our focus to new ones. This week, we began a long-term study of the United States with a K*W*L chart (*Know and Want to Learn) and an introduction to continents. This unit will touch upon US history and geography, civics and government, and economics. We will explore the five themes of geography: location, place, human interaction with the environment, movement, and regions.

In math, students are building upon previous knowledge about fractions as they explore equivalency and they will soon begin working on comparing and ordering fractions. Later, they will explore decimals to the hundredths place.

On the social front, everyone is continuing to work on being a respectful member of our "learning community." I hope that all students will see the positive impact they can have on the group when they make good choices. They are learning to better recognize all of the different modes that are part of each day in the classroom: sharing times, listening times, quiet times, helping times, social times, and independent work times...and they are working on being better able to modulate their behavior accordingly. I will be exploring different strategies and incentives with the group. As part of our work in social studies, we will focus on citizenship- both in the US and in the classroom. What is citizenship? and What are the rights and responsibilities of citizens? are some of the questions we will address.

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Drawing Animals with Ivy

Throughout their schooling years, students are often asked to draw. A teacher will sometimes hear kids say that they can't draw or that it's too hard to draw something in particular. I asked students to spend time drawing throughout the life science unit with the hope that practice would boost their confidence.

In addition, Ivy Mabius was kind enough to come in to do a fun drawing lesson with the class. She asked them to make three-part comic strips using animal characters and showed them some ways they could approach drawing. The lesson gave them added confidence and was a lot of fun. The comics students created should have made it into your hands this weekend. Thank you, Ivy!

You'll see some gorgeous work on display now in the hall outside our classroom- work that shows a lot of careful attention and effort with drawing plants and animals. We hope you'll take a look when you're here for the authors celebration this week.

Fourth Grade Authors Celebration

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 2:15-3pm

Leverett Elementary School, Leverett, MA, United States

Leverett, MA

Students will have a chance to show their stories to classmates and families and to receive positive feedback from an audience. We hope you can make it this Thursday.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.