cell analogy

concert thingy

The Nucleus

The nucleus is the part that holds on to all the information. It's like the management for the artist that is performing. They make all the rules, and make sure everything goes smoothly. They know whats going to happen before anyone else.

The Nucleolus

The nucleolus produces like the artist produces music. The ribosomes that are produced move out and move through the rough er like the music moves out and moves through the world.

Secretary Vesicle

The secretary vesicles are packaged in the Golgi apparatus. They are later transported to the cell surface for release. This is like the fireworks and flames on the stage. They are built up then the release over the surface of the stage


The vacuole in the plant cell regulates turgor pressure. It also stores nutrients and waste products. Theses kind of like the gate people at the concert. They regulate who comes in and out. They also store necessary information that people can get if they want.


The ribosomes have an important role in both eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells. They are the site of protein synthesis. They keep the cell going. This is like the fans of the artist. They make them who they are. They are the number one thing in the whole career