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September 2021

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Message from the Superintendent

Dear Emery Community,

We are so excited to have our students back in the classrooms! Working together with students, staff and families, we are committed to make this school year a safe and successful one. Your collaboration and support are crucial to reach our goals and advance the children’s education. We appreciate your support!

Our district is following strict safety protocols, and we are continuously evaluating ways to keep protecting everyone’s health. As part of the new initiatives, we will be providing optional COVID-19 testing opportunities to our students, at school sites. This is significant step towards preventing the spread of the coronavirus. We encourage parents and guardians to complete a consent form as soon as possible if they want their students to be tested.

The commitment of each one of us to maintain our schools safe and our children thriving is extremely important. We count on you. And we are here to work hard and create the best possible environment for our students to advance their education.

Thank you for your trust.


Dr. Quiauna Scott


Dr. Scott's September message

A Wonderful First Day of School!

When our students returned to in-person learning, the feelings of excitement and joy filled our campuses. This new school year opened our classrooms again and we captured some memories we want to share with you!

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Opportunities for COVID-19 Testing for Students at Schools Sites

This month, our district will expand the COVID-19 testing efforts by providing optional testing for students at school sites. This is a very important step to offer families peace of mind and, in case there is a positive case, take steps to stop the transmission of the virus at school and in the community. The testing will be offered at no charge, twice a week, and we reiterate, it is voluntary.

  • Please note that there is a requirement for parents to complete a consent form so their student can be tested for COVID-19.
  • We encourage parents and guardians to please fill the consent form as soon as possible, through the link below. You must use the district-provided access code: NKQ4CF.

Link to consent form:

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Vaccination is the most powerful factor in stopping the pandemic.

When the number of persons vaccinated rises in the community, everybody wins. We encourage the eligible members of our school community to get vaccinated, since immunization is the most critical tool to fight the pandemic and keep schools open. Experts make it clear that the vaccine is free and safe.

There are multiple initiatives to provide vaccination in our area. Please find out more by following the links below, and read information from state and county resources.

Alameda County Public Health Department: Vaccination Locations and Resources

California Department of Public Health

Thank you for doing your part!

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Safety is key: Let’s work together!

At EUSD, we are following the latest safety protocols established by our federal, state and local authorities to protect the students, staff and families’ health. We are all partners in these efforts!

The different measures include:

  • Indoor masking and washing hands
  • Best practices for cleaning and disinfecting of common areas, with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Improved ventilation and air quality in our buildings.

There is a crucial action every morning before class. We ask every family to conduct a symptoms screening at home. If the student is sick, please don’t sent them to class and notify your school site as soon as you can. This is a key measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep our schools open.

As we indicated in the prior article, EUSD will begin a program to provide optional testing opportunities to our students at school. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to maintain a safe environment so our students can advance their academic and social-emotional experience.

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Free Meals for All our Students

Nutrition is fundamental for students to thrive. In a very significant step, every student is now eligible to have free meals at our schools, regardless of income. The state of California made history recently, by giving access to free nutritious meals to all the students, thus supporting the children in their path to reach their full potential. At the same time, we ask parents and guardians to please complete the household income form as it represents a way for the district to get funds for our efforts.

  • For assistance to fill the form, you can call 510-601-4929.

We appreciate your collaboration!

Back to School Night and the Joy of Connecting

What a wonderful Back to School Night we had at Anna Yates Elementary School and Emery High School! It was very inspiring to join these events virtually to celebrate a new academic year, and have the chance to learn more about the opportunities we’ll be developing during 2021-2022.

Thank you so much to all the students, staff and families that participated and made this occasion a memorable one. And we are looking forward to sharing Back to School Night with Anna Yates Middle School soon!

Again, Welcome to Emery, each one of you! Let’s keep the light of learning and curiosity shining throughout all this new school year.

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