You can do It

john francis period 4-5

you can do it

in Freak the Mighty, the main characters are Max and Kevin. They interact with the setting and the conflict. On page 48 in Freak the Mighty, Kevin is riding on Max's shoulders and they are walking down a neighborhood. Kevin is making the house look like castle and pools look like moats. Then they kept on walking and they ended up at the hospital. Freak said that was were I am getting turned into a robot. Max says no way but Kevin says that he goes in every few months to get check ups about his body. He says I am going to be the first bioncal human. In the ending of the book he is going to die and he tells Max to move on with life.

reflection and application of theme

I think that the theme (if you are disabled you can find a way around it.) that theme is really great. Because it apply to a lot of story's. Like how Max found a way around his reading disabeilty. He got over that in the end he said maybe I will start with reading a few books. Kevin has a small disabeilty that makes him not grow. His outsides did not grow his insides did not grow. So he made himself more smarter.

Kevin, Max


In Freak the Mighty Max is an old time in the neighborhood and this new kid moves into the neighborhood and he is really short. They become really good friends and go on quest and stuff. Then Freak gets really sick and he is going to die.

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