Improving Race Relations in America

By: Antonio Micale

Slavery in America

Slavery was started when the European merchants started the Triangular Trade. The Triangular Trade was a trade from three different regions/ports. The regions/ports that were involved were America, Europe, and Africa. The slaves we got from Africa we needed for the south's economy. The reason the U.S. needed them is for them to pick cotton which was most of what the south sold. The south was the only part which had slaves because the north did not have any, or need them. The slaves were needed in the south because no one wanted to work out in the sun all day and pick cotton. Then came the cotton gin which made us need even more slaves because more cotton needed to get picked.

The treatment of slaves in America was very poor and unfair to them. The slaves typical work day was very harsh. They had to work for fifteen to sixteen hours a day. Also they then would work for six out of the seven days a week. The only day they would get off is Sunday. Even up to the age of ten to twelve children would still carry the water back and forth to the slaves working in the field. Most of the slaves only got one meal a day and there was not a lot of food. If a slave was to misbehave or disrespect there owner they would get whipped in the back.

After awhile all the way in to 1865 for slavery to end and the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was made. For a long time the Republican Party's view on slavery as well as Lincoln's was that it was wrong. Even though they knew it was wrong they knew it was needed for the Souths economy. One thing that terminated slavery was the Emancipation Proclamation. That document was issued by Lincoln so that all slaves were free.

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Plan to Improve the Race Relations

There are still many racial tensions and relations today. Some problems are with the police and finding criminals. Certain police might have the tendency to ask an African Americans and question them about a crime and ignore the Caucasians. Then with schooling some teachers might also have tensions with race relations. For example a teacher might think that if there was a fight accuse the African Americans. It could be the other way around with an African American teacher accusing a white student. Also maybe if an African American owns a business he might not only hire other African Americans; it could also be vice versa.

These tensions still exist even after the thirteenth amendment was made. I think that is so difficult to forget because people are still angry about it. Also it is hard to forget because you still hear about people being racist. Some people are racist because of how they are treated and they are just giving it back, which is not the rite thing to do. I think that it is hard for people to forget because it is talked about so much. The reason it is talked about so much is because it is still happening, and it can either be as children in school or out in the cities.

I think that one way that we can improve the race relations in America is for all police when they are going through the academy is required for them to take a race class. This would be a mandatory law that all police would have to take this course. If they did not attend the course they are forbid from being an officer. One event that would happen in training is they would learn about crimes from all diverse races. Also they could show a race population of who was arrested. Then each officers arrest would be kept track of what race they were. If they were only arresting a particular type of race they would have to take the race class again. Also to make them more non-racist each teacher of the different classes would be a different race.

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