We're headed to Summer Conference

This weekend, fourteen ECU students are embarking on a thirteen hour drive south to the Florida coast. They, along with 1,000 other students from around the country, will spend a week soaking in sun, salt water, and the gospel. In the past, Summer Conference has been a time when many college students have had their lives changed by the grace of Jesus. Please join us in praying that this week will bring more of the same.
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Specific Prayer Requests

1. Safety - the logistics of getting students there and keeping them safe is daunting. Please ask the Lord for protection.

2. The gospel message - Ray Cortese is an amazing preacher, and he will be delivering a message each night on Glorification, the happy ending of God's story. I expect it to be rich and compelling. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to work among our students, sparking and growing faith.

3. Seminars - In my opinion, the seminars are the best part of Summer Conference. RUF campus ministers and staff teach a wide variety of hour-long seminars on topics such as the Trinity, depression, body image, and more. Students are hungry to hear thoughtful, engaging discussion on topics they care about, and God uses this powerfully.

4. Rest - College students (like most people in our cultural moment) are addicted to busyness. Summer Conference offers them the opportunity to unplug, slow down, and reflect. Pray that they would be able to take advantage of the opportunity, and in so doing, get a taste of God's goodness.

5. Chané - My 35 week pregnant bride will not be joining us on the trip this year. Please pray that the Lord gives her strength, patience, and stamina as she's at home with our two lively kids.

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