Star Creek Camp

SUMMER @ Rising Star

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Summer Days...

This is for Rising Star #1 Rising Star/Mill Creek Summer Camp. We have shorten and combine both school's name to make: Star Creek Camp.

Parents: Please remember to walk, initial, and sign your child(ren) in and out each day. Make sure your child is sunscreened prior to dropping them off at camp.

SUMMER CAMP, week 2: Top Shots

Please make sure we have pool passes, correct email, permission forms for all field trips, walks, 1st aid, sunscreen/bug spray, vacation calendar all signed.

  • Monday-Swim day, 12:30-3:45p. Kids can take the swim test if they did not pass last week. Have kids bring a gallon size ziplock bag or plastic bag to hold wet gear.
  • Tuesday-Walking to Sonic, bring some money, 2:30-3:45p
  • Wednesday-Swim day, 12:30p-3:45p
  • Thursday-Swim day, 12:30p-3:45p. Our days have switched due to Friday's field trip: JCPRD's Track meet
  • Friday-JCPRD's Track Meet @ Wheat Ridge Middle school and lunch at Celebration park in Gardner, 8a-2p (make sure you have your camper at camp 30 minutes before departure time, 7:30a)). Kids need a sack lunch, hat, and water bottle with names labeled on.

Star Creek camp lunch is @ 11am.

Please note that we are a screen and tech free site, these gadgets need to stay home. As well as all toys and balls.

What to bring to camp:

  • A sunscreened camper
  • A type of bag or pack with name on it to hold all things
  • Water bottle with name on it
  • A jacket or sweatshirt (our rooms now have Arctic AC)
  • A book or homework packet
  • Tennis shoes
  • A hat of some sort
  • A smile is always good to have
  • On swim days; swim gear and towel
  • On field trip: sack lunch

Road Closure beginning June 1st

87th and Candlelight Lane will be closed for some time, we will inform you when we know end date. Please allow some time to maneuver through the neighborhood entrance to the north. This is a Water One project and JCPRD nor SMSD has any control on the time frame. We apologize for the inconvenience.

GEAR time

Group Enrichment Achievement and Reading time: please have your camper bring a book, homework packet, or some quiet activity to do during this time. Campers can log their reading time in their reading logs to turn into the Johnson County Public Library to receive a free book at the end of summer.
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  • Check-In: Please walk your child(ren) in and sign in/out each day in attendance at camp. If you know your child(ren) will not be coming to camp, please call us at 913.909.4037 or email (We will have limited access to email during the summer). Make sure your child is sun screened and at camp 30 minutes prior to a field trip. We are on a strict schedule for our field trips and need to depart on time.

  • Snack: We are very excited to report that we have taken the Commit to Health Pledge! In doing so you can expect to see our summer camp participants engaging in more physical activity, learning about good nutrition, and eating healthier snacks while in attendance at JCPRD. Commit to Health is an initiative of the National Recreation and Park and Association and The Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Our staff has worked hard to develop a new food service menu that features items that are nutrient dense, low in fat, sugar, and sodium, as well as more fresh fruits and vegetables. Please support our efforts to help students develop healthy eating habits by encouraging them to be open to trying new foods and by reinforcing the benefits of nutritious diet. Healthy snacks and meals improve cognitive function, increase energy, and help children grow strong muscles and bones!

  • GEAR Time: Group Enrichment Achievement & Reading Time. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, when we return from the pool and Thursdays we will have a quiet time for reading and enrichment achievement time. We will have reading logs through the Johnson County Library that children can log their reading times throughout the summer, at the end of summer they can turn in and receive a free book. Please have your child(ren) bring in a book to read (we will have a small selection) or if they have summer homework packets they can have time at camp to work on it. Our staff will be happy to help in any way. We also will have kids brainstorm experiments and the schematics of it to do at camp.

  • Activities: We will have daily Gardening club, what will we grow? Tuesdays we be Walking club. Kids will wear pedometers to track steps and at the end we will see how far across the world we have gone. Mondays & Wednesdays we will have a Tennis club, on Fridays kids will be able to show off their skills playing tennis games. More themed activities every week. Check the calendar in your parent packet to see what we will be doing.

  • Outside/Gym Time: We believe it is essential for minds and bodies to have mental health breaks and join in on fitness breaks. Weather permitting we will be outside for long period of times. Please make sure your child(ren) comes sun screened to camp and we will screen them every 2 hrs when outside. Please remember to have your child(ren) layer up and bring a jacket with their name labeled inside it. We will have structured activities for them to do during this time as well as free play.

  • Check-Out: WE OPEN AT 7AM. You need to WALK your child(ren) IN and SIGN IN. When you come to pick up your child(ren) please remember to WALK IN and SIGN THEM OUT. There is a late charge of a $1 per minute after 6:00pm

Want to do something this summer?

Click on this link: JCPRD's Activities to find out what fun family or individual activities JCPRD has to offer you and your family. Get out and play...

ICYMI: "Every Kid in a Park" Initiative Announced

President Obama announced the "Every Kid in a Park" initiative that will give every fourth-grader in America a one year pass for free admission to all of the nation’s public lands. This initiative aims to get more children outdoors exploring and learning about the natural world around them. So what does this mean for community parks and recreation? It means we can show the nation that all of our country’s parks are ready to welcome all children to explore, grow and connect with nature.

Click here to read NRPA President and CEO Barbara Tulipane’s message about Every Kid in a Park.


Please remember to initial and sign in and out your child(ren) daily.


Fee Due Dates:

Every Friday

Upcoming Closures:

Friday, July 3rd, Observation of Independence Day

Last Day of Camp:

Friday, July 31st

2014-2015 Out of School Time enrollment is available now, checkout JCPRD's link.

Star Creek Summer Camp Staff

Alena Blakley-Lead

Zachary Drummond-Lead

Amanda Franklin-Lead

Stephanie Griggs-Lead

Sierra Macklin-Assistant

Jack Todd-Lead

Jennifer Thomas-Program Director