San Diego Zoo

We took a field trip on line to the San Diago zoo.It wasn`t for real though.It would have taken 33 hourse and 17 min.Going there on line is a lot faster though.
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Pandas are strong animals they like to eat fruit,hoeny,bamboo and leaves.They love to play around.Ther`re mother teaches them to skeveng for food.They have very strong gawes.They love to climb trees.Theyalso love to sleep in trees.The mther always protects the baby.They are very playful when they are littleThey are akso very small when born.The mother nurses the baby panda when it is born.Baby pandas love attention.The San Diago zoo selebrates the pandas birthday by making ice cakes for them.The ice cakes are made out of fruit,ice and food coloring.They love to chuw on things.Pandas skaveng for food.When they are born they are playful.Pandas love to explor and to climb.First borns like to play with they`re mother.They play rough when they are little.