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West Times Newsletter 2-22-2021

Antler Yearbook Information

Don't forget to reserve your child an Antler yearbook for this school year. Due to COVID, we will only be accepting online orders, at www.jostens.com . Don't delay - last year we completely sold out of yearbooks - be sure to reserve your child's high school memories today! Yearbook page on West website


Social and Emotional Wellness Resources

As we continue to face challenges and navigate difficult times, we are including Social and Emotional Wellness Resources that may be helpful to our students, staff and families. Students and adults may display a range of thoughts and emotions when presented with various circumstances. We recommend to continue engaging in conversations with your child. As always, please reach out to your child’s counselor if you have questions or concerns.

Pre-ACT for 10th Grade Students

The Pre-ACT is being offered to 10th grade students on Saturday, March 20th, 2021. This exam will be taken in-person at CB West, but with reduced testers in each room to meet social distancing guidelines. There are no alternative exam dates and registration is only open to CB West students. Students should be in their exam room before 7:45am, and plan for pickup around 11:45am on testing day. Room assignments will be posted outside of the Guidance office and emailed to parents after registration closes.

College-bound 10th grade students are encouraged to take the Pre-ACT to gain exposure to the ACT, an exam many colleges use when making admissions decisions. If students take both the Pre-ACT and PSAT during 10th grade, they can focus exclusively on their preference during 11th grade (SAT or ACT). For details about the Pre-ACT, please visit the ACT website.

For REGISTRATION INFORMATION for the Pre-ACT, please visit the testing page of the West Guidance website: Guidance/School Psychologist / Testing: PSAT; SAT; Pre-ACT; ACT (cbsd.org).


Due to COVID spacing restrictions, Sophomores were unable to take the PSAT earlier this year in October. The PSAT 10 will be offered to 10th grade students on Saturday, April 24th, 2021. More details will be provided as we get closer to the registration period for this exam.

Program Planning

Junior and Sophomore counselors will be available to students during the months of February and March to review course selections, answer questions, and revise course requests. While students can no longer access the Registration Portal to enter course requests, counselors can make any changes for students. Students who have not entered their courses are still expected to have reviewed the information provided by their counselors, and to have a list of requests and preferences ready to discuss with their counselor.

The process will end by April 2nd, so there is time for students and families to consult with counselors and teachers about the most appropriate courses for next year.

**Students who wish to meet with their counselor to discuss program planning should either remail them or use their links or QR codes to set up an appointment. **

Please refer to the Program Planning webpage for information, links, and resources, including the Program of Studies, Course Registration Instructions, the Course Selection Sheet, and a Block Scheduling Worksheet/Grid to plan out your courses.

Middle Bucks Institute of Technology (MBIT) is hosting new virtual experiences for students who may be interested in attending MBIT next year. They can schedule a Live Virtual Tour, to observe programs and see the classroom experience (sign up HERE). Or, they can meet in a virtual meeting space with current students and MBIT teachers for Careers & Conversations (sign up Here). Some upcoming sessions include:

Attention Seniors:

· Scholarship Info -- Please check Naviance regularly for information about national, regional, and local scholarships. (Once logged into Naviance, click Colleges > Scholarships and Money > Scholarship List.) The list can be sorted by deadline, or you can search for specific criteria which matches your intended major. This list will be updated frequently, with new scholarships added regularly. Please also go to the Scholarship page of the Guidance Website for information about how to use scholarship search services to find more opportunities.

The Central Bucks West Tutoring Academy will continue to provide Peer Tutoring on a virtual platform. There are several tutors available for academic help in many core classes. If your student would benefit from a peer tutor, please have them contact their school counselor or Mrs. Bagnick at lbagnick@cbsd.org. We will assign tutors based on availability at the time.

Article #4 February 2021: Inspirational Videos

One of the first steps to selecting a career is to become aware of the many options available. In Central Bucks schools, our students begin that process through the Career Readiness related curriculum in elementary buildings (QUEST, Economics Project in Social Studies) and secondary buildings (Success Plan, Information Technology classes).

Here are two videos which might inspire that search for just the right career. Watch them with your children and listen to what they say about what they see in their future.

For younger students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9TLZBZ3eo8&feature=youtu.be

For older students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP89iBasyCE

For comments or questions, please contact Ginny Barrett at vbarrett@cbsd.org.

Inclement Weather

If inclement weather causes a delayed opening, please see the attached 2 Hour Delay Bell Schedule. AM MBIT students will not be bused to MBIT and will remain at West. They will report to study hall when not in their classes at West and will work virtually with their MBIT courses/teachers. PM MBIT students will be bused to MBIT at 10:40.

Additionally, if the weather requires the cancellation of in-person instruction, teachers will post asynchronous work for students unless otherwise communicated.

AP Exam Registration Information

If your child is currently taking an Advanced Placement class, please take time to read the following message:

On Monday, February 8th, teachers helped students “digitally activate” (join) their classes in their AP accounts. This allows students to access resources from College Board. Students will then have until February 28th to decide if they are taking the AP exam in May. If they choose to take the exam, they must then register and make payment via My Payments Plus by February 28th. Information regarding My Payments Plus is below and will also be shared with your child in their AP class.

Registration/Deadline: To register for your AP Examinations, please visit www.mypaymentsplus.com

from Monday, February 8th through Sunday, February 28th, 2021. All registrations for 2nd semester AP courses must be completed by Sunday, February 28th. Through this site, you will be able to view all available exams and make AP exam payments for all students in the same household in one transaction.

  • If you do not already have a My Payments Plus account, follow the on-screen instructions to create one.
  • If you already have a My Payments Plus account, be sure to “Add” each student who will be taking an AP exam.
  • Please note that exams must be taken on the College Board scheduled day.
  • When registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation number. Please record and save your confirmation number.

Payment/Additional Fees: The cost is $100 per exam, which includes the registration fee. **PLEASE NOTE the following additional fees that will be applied after the February 28th deadline for 2nd semester classes:

*Cancellation Fee: $0 (for 2020-21 school year only)

*Late Registration Fee: $40.00

Withdrawing from an exam: If you are no longer able to take an exam for which you have already registered, an email or letter from a parent/guardian to Mrs. Bagnick, our AP Coordinator, in Guidance (Lbagnick@cbsd.org) is required at least 48 hours prior to the exam. Your maximum refund will be $95 per exam.

Financial Aid: Students who qualify for the free/reduced lunch program are eligible for a reduced exam fee. The adjusted fee will be reflected in your My Payments Plus account when you log in.

Technical support: If you experience technical issues with your account, or forget your login or password, please contact My Payments Plus, Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM at (877) 237-0946.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Bagnick, our AP Coordinator at lbagnick@cbsd.org.

February is Black History Month

A Message from the Brown Student Union

Black History Month is a month of pride, reflection, and aspiration. It is a time to celebrate black leaders and advancement; a time to appreciate and accept differences. As the world continues to work towards inclusivity, it is critically important to be intentional about the commitment to equitable education. Black History Month is a chance for us all to learn more about and celebrate African American history. It is an opportunity for us to foster an environment where we feel safe and open to contribute candidly and be part of a society where respect for each other’s viewpoints and experiences are heard. As always, equity is an urgent matter and integral to invite diverse perspectives for humanity’s fortitude.


We will be continuing to follow the same attendance policies and procedures as we typically do, outlined in the Pennsylvania Act 138 attendance policies and as described in our Student handbook. Importantly, attendance is compulsory and students are expected to be on time daily. Teachers will be taking attendance each block through Infinite Campus, our student management system. In the event that a student is late or absent, please email or call the CB West Attendance Office. If we do not receive notification and/or if an absence or lateness is not excused, attendance meetings and letters may be warranted.

5-Day In-Person Students

  • If a student should be physically present in the building but is staying home, we require a communication from the parents or guardians following the guidelines for an excused absence (see guidelines below). Please email our attendance office at westattendance@cbsd.org. At the school level, this is the same as if students were in the building in a traditional sense because anytime a student is supposed to be here physically but is not, a note is required to excuse the absence. There are many reasons for this, which primarily fall under liability and safety, but it is also important for our state attendance records and for teacher lesson planning.

  • If a student is not in school (but attending online) the initial absence code will be “absent” until we have a communication from the parent/guardian with a valid excuse per the School Board Policy guidelines below. The attendance code will be changed to “VP = Virtual Present” once we have the communication from the parent/guardian. When possible, we ask for the communication in advance of the absence so we can make sure the teachers are aware, and it also ensures us that parents/guardians have granted permission for their child to remain at home.

Virtual Students

  • If a student does not attend class, the student will be marked absent until we receive the communication from parents with a valid excuse.
  • Note – If a student logs in initially, but leaves the call or does not engage, the teachers will mark the student absent with a comment so parents can see this information and reach out to us as needed.

All Students - Excused Absences

Per CBSD School Board Policy 204, the following situations would be deemed as an excused absence from school:

Grab and Go Meals

  • Grab and Go breakfast will be available daily between 7:00 AM-7:25 AM at three locations: Lobby near the Court Street Café, in the cafeteria, and at the end of the “B” hallway.
  • If you have Late Arrival, Grab and Go breakfast will be available outside of the lobby near the Court Street Café.
  • Grab and Go lunch will be available daily between 1:15 PM – 1:30 PM at four locations: Lobby near the Court Street Café, in the athletics hallway, in the D hallway near the Security office, and at the end of the “B” hallway.
  • If you have PM MBIT, Grab and Go bags are in cafeteria before leaving school.
  • If you have Early Release, Grab and Go bags are in the lobby near the Court Street Café.
  • Parents may also pick-up meals for students on Mondays and Thursdays from 10:30am - 12:00pm at the Faculty Parking Lot 'Bubble' entrance at CB West.

Seniors! Cap & Gown Information

Balfour has been selected, once again, as the official supplier for caps and gowns for 2021. Please visit the link below to order these items by April 15th. Orders will be sent to CB West, and a date and time for pickup will be determined later this spring.

https://www.buildagrad.com/cbw - Click on the link to order!

Directions on how to place order - page 1

Directions on how to place order - page 2

Nominate a Student for a Boomerang Award!

Click on the graphic below.

Book/Item Distribution and Return

Details of Regular Procedures: We will continue to have a pick-up/drop off for 100% virtual students only on the dates listed below from 2:00pm-4:00pm in the CB West Cafeteria. Students who are participating 100% online will retrieve needed materials as communicated by teachers. Students can also return books or other curricular items by placing it in a labeled bin. Please park in the Junior lot off of MacFarlane Lane and enter the cafeteria. Please wear a mask and keep 6 feet social distancing at all times. Only 1 person per family may come into the building. Please bring a bag or bookbag to carry your items.

Process: Please find your placard, take the items under the placard, and leave the placard on the table at your spot.

Important: Please leave all name labels on any and all items given to you. This will be essential when you return items.

Larger Items: Teachers will communicate with you if you have larger items to pick up. Large items will be labeled with your name and will be in the back of the cafeteria in the large-item section.

Forthcoming Dates: The following are the Thursday dates for pick up and drop off of items mapped out through the remainder of the year (just in case and subject to change).

  • 3/4/21
  • 3/18/21
  • 4/8/21
  • 4/29/21
  • 5/13/21
  • 5/27/21
  • 6/10/21

CB West Parent Council

We look forward to continuing our partnership with parents through the 2020-2021 Central Bucks West Parent Council. Membership to the council is open to all interested CB West parents.

Meetings will be held virtually for the time being. Meetings begin at 9:00 AM and conclude at 10:30 AM.

Please note: If you are accessing the Teams link on an iPhone or Mac, you will need to download the Teams app first. The web version will not work for Safari. Learn more about Teams

Click here to join the meeting

February 24, 2021

March 24, 2021

April 21, 2021


Check out all that West has to offer by watching our Virtual Activities Fair.


CBSD Farmers Market at Barclay

CBSD Farmers Market at Barclay will take place on Wednesday, 2/24 from 4-5 PM. Produce, eggs, milk, dairy, bread, and groceries. The market runs every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. All are welcome and if you know of another CB family in need, please share!


The State of Pa. requires that all Juniors have a physical on file in the Health Office. As your student goes to the doctor for driver’s permits, working papers, etc., remember to turn in a copy of the physical. Physicals dated the first day of Sophomore year or later will be excepted as a Junior physical. If your child plays sports, this physical will count as well.


Reminder that a physical is required for all Juniors. A meningitis vaccine is also required after your child’s 16th birthday and must be completed prior to entering 12th grade.

Photo IDs and Picture Packets

'Online only' students should pick up their photo packets and IDs during one of the Item Pick-Up Days in the cafeteria or make arrangements with the receptionist for an alternate pick up date. 267-893-2500

Photo packets and IDs of any student who went to the studio to have their picture taken will be distributed to those students at CB West - pick up will not be at the studio. Online only students' photos will be put on individual placards in the cafeteria to be picked up during our scheduled Item Pick-Up Days and hybrid students will receive their items during one of their in-person school days.

Children’s Health Insurance Program

CHIP is Pennsylvania's Children's Health Insurance Program for uninsured children and teens up to age 19.

Click on the link for more information about CHIP.

Click on the link for the online application.