Social Studies Weekly

Year 3 Volume 17 ~ February 5, 2016

Welcome to Our Newsletter!

William Brown

William has started using sketch pads in his classes to help with key ideas and events. Check out the pictures below to see how his idea works.

This Week in Social Studies

World History

At this point we should be building our Empires. This is a great graphic organizer for this unit.

Civics and Economics

What a great time to be teaching Civics!! The kids are excited to talk about it and learn about it. Thanks to Kristina Rieck at Parkland for creating and sharing an idea to get the students to look at the candidates issues. Check it out here.

We should be moving towards Unit 2 by this week. I know there will be great discussions about what the presidential candidates can really do as president.

American 1

Are we ready for a Revolution? We will be by the end of next week!

Why not try something different. Check out these Revolutionary Speech Bubbles. Or, try the IBP for this unit: Was the American Revolution justified?

American 2

Immigration was a hot topic in _________ Well, we could fill in the blank with many dates. But right now, we are talking about the late 1800s. Welcome to the Progressives. Hmm, we have been hearing that word a lot lately. What a great tie in for the kids!

Why not give these constructed response questions a try in your class? You could use them as a formative assessment, an exit slip, or as part of a summative assessment.

Snow and Pacing

Well, we lost four days. On the plus side, only one of those days will be at the end of the semester. The others will be lost teacher workdays and RC days (see the downside).

Some have asked about Benchmarks. Will they be moved? The word is still out. We will let you know when we do.

Opportunities and Information

Summer Opportunities

Interested in a Seminar on Teaching with Art as Documents

This sounds interesting. It does have a small fee.

NC Black Repertory Company

The N.C. Black Repertory Company is presenting a double-bill on Feb. 19-21 - including a special student performance at 10 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 19 - that you and your students may be interested in. The Diversity Youth Theater is performing The Movement, an a cappella musical about segregation and marches in Birmingham. The second half of the production is a student-written play by the NCBRC Teen Theatre Ensemble called Bullying.

Message from Melissa

Well you made it through the first full week of the new semester. Kudos! I hope everything is running smoothly. I am sure many of you are looking forward to the annual big event! It is super excited this year, as we all know. The players have worked hard with a near clean sweep. Can they win? Of course they can! So, be sure to tune in to Kitten Bowl III. Oh, ya, you can flip to the Super Bowl and watch the Panthers if you really feel like it.

Have a great weekend... And, there is a prize to the first person to answer the following question correctly. (Kraft and Tuck, you can't play!)

How many Super Bowls has Melissa actually watched in its entirety?

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