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Week of September 19

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Our mission at RES is to collaborate while educating and inspiring students to become lifelong problem solvers in today’s ever changing society.
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Week of September 19

Monday, September 19

  • Writing BOY starts today
  • Flu Shots after school in lounge-Thanks Kelli for setting this up!

Tuesday, September 20

  • Art/PLC today-Meet with Norma in Jenny's room during your planning time and meet with Jenny and Aletha in the PLC room during your art time to "shore" up tier lists

Wednesday, September 21

  • Early Release Day-12:10
  • Lunch OYO
Thursday, September 22
  • Western Day
  • Grandparent's Dinner/Title One Meeting
  • Book Fair begins on this evening

Friday, September 23

  • Spririt Day
  • Last day to "check out" Chocolate-all money due next Tuesday for prizes

Shout Outs!

  • Thanks to GiGi and Traci for holding down the fort in the front office.
  • Thanks to Traci and Chad for helping set up, make phone calls and interviewing for our office clerk.
  • Thanks to Pam and Michelle for helping to coordinate the first grade visit to HHE.
  • Thanks to Kathleen and Jacqui for the awesome job you ladies do with our AABLE kiddos. Jamie Thomas, our SPED coordinator , came out this week and she was super impressed with these two ladies!
  • Thanks to our PTA board for filling in for Candiss on Tuesday night as she took care of her dad. Thanks to to the following staff members for staying for the meeting: Kathryn, Angi, Payton, Traci, Michelle R., Aletha and LaShall.
  • Barbi wanted to give a Huge Shout Out to Deedra for helping get all the students tested for the spelling bee. Each student had to log in, get to google chrome, find the spelling city website, and follow a series of clicks to get to the spelling bee test. Deedra really has taught them well to follow procedures and get to where they need to be with just a few simple directions. She prepped them in the hallway before they entered so they knew the expectations. She has information on the wall and enables them to do it all themselves. You would never know that we started this new log in system with our kids by how quickly and smoothly they are logging in! I couldn’t have done it without her!
  • Thanks to Barbi for again taking on the responsibility of being the Spelling Bee Coordinator. I know that she does way more than any other coordinator does in any school that I have been at to help get these kids prepared for the Bee.
  • Thanks to Karen, Beth, Kathryn and Stacy for getting kids ready to test for our Battle of the Books team They have started so much earlier this year and I think it will make a huge impact on our team.
  • Thanks to Sheri, Michelle and Karen for having a full PDSA cycle up and running with their students already! It was not an expectation until the second six weeks, but I am sure their kids are benefiting from setting goals an reflecting on their progress. Way to go!
  • Thanks to Michelle Green for demonstrating "Show Me" to the staff. I look forward to seeing some of the things that you and your students try.


Last fall we watched a video of Plan-Do-Study-Act in action. It is important the the students are involved in this process. The "plan" should always include the TEK or standard. This is your first step in plan seen below. As you perfect "Plan" you will include a goal statement with the TEK. "100% of our class will master the following TEK by making a 70% or higher on ......" The "do" will tell what you will do and the students will do to make reach their goal. the study is the data that you take from quizzes, etc. The act is the plus/delta. What went well and what do you need to do differently next time. I will challenge each of you to begin thinking how you will start your PDSA. We will talk about this process in an upcoming staff meeting in more detail. It is so awesome that the three teachers below started this process in the first six weeks. Your PDSA board should be easy for you. You can type student responses and slide them into a sleeve, put up different strategy choices, write it on chart paper or whatever works best for you. Begin thinking about what your classroom PDSA will look like in your classroom for the second six weeks.

Technology Spotlight

  • IF you have never gone to a Digital Learning Conference, you should consider going to this! This conference has teachers showing ideas that they actually use in thier classrooms! You get to choose what sessions you want to go to and you are not required to go the entire morning. It is well worth a Saturday morning!

    Where: BCTAL

    When: Saturday October 1, 8 a.m.– Noon

    Who: Digital Learning and Teaching & Learning Departments

    Please Join Us Saturday, October 1!

    > View Sessions
    What: Fall Digital Learning Conference, 4 session times, 16+ session choices!

  • Here is the new link for the dismissal system that Stacy shared last week. Let me know if you can't view it.
  • I will send reminders out periodically to the entire staff via a "text" on Remind 101. Please join Richland Elementary Remind 101:
  • Richland Elementary School Remind: by going to the website at or parents can enter 81010 in their phone number section and then text @3fhgfg
  • Please go to the bottom of the newsletter and fill in your favs!

Tibits of Info

    • We still only have one cafeteria monitor. I you know of a parent or someone else that is interested, please let Traci know. We are also in need of a bilingual clerk. If you have any leads please let Traci, Chad or I know..
    • As soon as you make six weeks tests, get the tests to Chad so he can input questions into AWARE.
    • We will be having a Lock down drill very soon! Please review the procedures in your emergency handbook with your students.
    • The Key's Sunday School Class from NRHBC will be coming again for their Love Loud Day on Sunday, October 16th. Please be thinking of projects large or small that the class can do for your class and/or our school.
    • Norma will be here on Tuesday. Please come with samples of your students' writing. It can be something that the students are currently working on in class or the BOY if your students have completed it. I would like for each grade level to calibrate some writing samples with Norma, except kinder. We will have Norma back to work with kinder later in the year on calibration. Norma will meet with kinder other topics that she feels will help with writing at the beginning of the year.
    • Also on the Art/PLC day you will be working with Jenny and Aletha to make decisions on the tiers that the students in your classroom fall in to now that you have more data. Please bring a laptop if you have one or borrow one from a lower grade level. Aletha and Jenny would like to work with you on how to fill in info into AWARE. Also, Jenny and Aletha would like to "finalize" groups for WIN time.
    • Wednesday afternoon will be your planning time with your team-vertically and/or horizontally.. It is a time that you can work on the next six weeks test, plotting out your next six weeks, grading/calibrating BOY writing samples, and/or planning for the upcoming weeks.
    • We have been given 36 Ranger Tickets to the game on Wednesday, September 29th. Please let Jenny know if you would like to go to the game with our faculty. We will start off giving 2 tickets per staff member interested. If want more than two tickets let Jenny know that too. If we end up having extra tickets we will give them to you. Wednesday night is $1 hot dog night. It is also one of the last home games before hopefully the team goes to the playoffs. We will have "Rangers" day next Wednesday so that you are ready for game night!

    Math Bulletin Board

    Deedra has started a Math Bulletin Board in the hallway by the gym. We are open to suggestions to make this a leaning board for students while they wait in the hallway to go to specials or the bathroom. Below are some ideas, but we are open to other ideas. We would also like to have some student examples of UPSC too!

    Upcoming Events

    • Book Fair the week of September 25

    • September 23-Last day to get chocolate for fundraiser

    • September 24-ASPIRE Soccer Game at Binion at 10:00 AM

    • September 27-Last day to turn in $ for prizes on fundraisers

    • September 26-Vertical team meetings

    • September 27-Camp Meeting at 5:45 in Cafeteria

    • September 30-End of first six weeks

    • October 1-Digital Learning Day at BCTAL

    • October 16th-Love Loud event-Be thinking of projects for NRHBC Sunday school class

    Richland Elementary

    Mascot: Rockets

    Colors: Red and Blue

    Grade Levels: Pre-Kindergarden-5th Grade

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