Involvement with First Grade!

Come Join us in First Grade!

Read with the Principal

September 1st our principal will be our guest reader in first grade! I believe this will be a great opportunity for students to get to know our principal better! She will be reading us The Principal from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler. It is always nice to involve the principal in our class activities, this gives her an opportunity to see what we are working on this year! I can't wait to see how the students react to the story that she is reading!

Building Relationships

Once a month I have the opportunity to sit down with our principal. It is always a great way to discuss what is happening in the classroom. It is also nice to receive feedback of what could be improved and different ideas that she may suggest!

Activities with the Community!

Why we need Community Support?

Administrator & Community Involvement

It is great to have supporters within our school and in our community as well! I believe that building relationships with such individuals is important, because students can recognize these people when out in the community! It is also nice to have administrators involved, because it lets children know they care and want to be a part of their learning! I love building relationships outside of the classroom, and seeing everyone that cares about our school! If you are interested in volunteering in our classroom let me know, we would love to have you!

If you want to Volunteer Contact Me!

If you want to volunteer in our classroom, please feel free to contact me at anytime!