ECHS Academic Calendar 2020-21

June 26, 2020

ECHS 2020-21 Academic Calendar

Dear Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Students,

Last winter, we came to you seeking your approval for the adoption of an ECHS academic calendar that would more closely mirror Trident Technical College's calendar. Your support was overwhelming. Thank you! As you know, we moved forward with the process of getting District Staff and Board of Trustees approval for our proposal in late February.

Due to the COVID shutdown, this process has taken a bit longer than expected.

I can happily report that although the board did not yet vote on when and under what conditions all schools in Charleston County will reopen, the Superintendent has assured me that ECHS can move forward with the adoption of this calendar.

Will will, of course, follow all capacity limitations and share information about plans around COVID-19 and students' individual daily scheduling as they are finalized.

This is a big step forward for our ECHS family!


The original rationale for the proposal is below.

The ECHS 2020-21 Academic Calendar can be found here.

Yours in Education,

Vanessa L. Denney

Rationale for Modified ECHS Academic Calendar

The ECHS Faculty has requested and been granted permission, to align the ECHS calendar with the TTC calendar. The ECHS 2020-21 calendar can be found here.

This proposal has been discussed and received overwhelming approval of the administration, faculty, staff, students (84% of respondents in favor), and parents (91% of respondents in favor). Further, the principal identified 33 (12%) current students who might be impacted because of extra-curricular activities. These families were each individually contacted and most asserted that the proposed calendar change would not impact their ability to continue to participate.

The rationale for the request is below:

The main rationale for aligning calendars is to increase opportunities for CCSD students attending Early College High School to enroll in Trident Technical College courses offered at the Thornley Trident campus. Previously, ECHS students were limited to enrolling in courses that Trident Tech created uniquely for Early College students on the Palmer Campus. This new academic calendar will make it possible for ECHS students to also enroll in Trident's "Maymester" courses on the TTC main campus. Increasing access to courses will likely increase our students' Associate's Degree completion rate.

Additionally, the new academic calendar will prevent the need for 12th-grade students to operate on a different calendar than the rest of the school. Due to their unique need to take classes required to complete their degrees, they will not be in TTC classes that a uniquely created for ECHS. This proposal will also limit GAP time, which is the time when ECHS students are in school, but no Trident classes are offered.

Important implications of the request:

  • Transportation will continue to be provided on all ECHS school days using the district's magnet bus stops.

  • This request moves the marking period dates, and essentially creates 5 marking periods per year.

Big picture

Interested in hearing more about reopening plans?

You can listen to the latest information shared by Dr. Postlewait at the June 24, 2020, CCSD Board of Trustees Meeting in her Superintendent's Report. You can also watch the June 25, 2020, Reactivation Task Force Meeting here.

Upcoming Dates

August 10, 2020, Fact and Fee (A-L)

August 11, 2020, Fact and Fee (M-Z)

More information to come about Fact and Fee soon.

ECHS Summer Reading

DUE on the 1st day of school to your AVID teacher

Step 1: Students should read at least two Lexile-level appropriate books this summer. For one of the two books, students should make notes for each chapter which include all of the following elements:

  • List and define unfamiliar words

  • Explain literary elements,

  • Determine the main or most important ideas

  • Describe connections to the text (text to text, text to self, text to world)

  • Form inferences (I wonder why...I wonder how…)

  • Make predictions

  • Write personal reactions

  • Identify lingering questions/thoughts

  • The assignment must be neat in appearance (written or typed)

Step 2: At the end of each chapter, students should use this checklist to annotate notes (above).

This assignment must be your original work and written in your own words. Students will be graded on the quality and depth of their annotations for one of the two books read.

The assignment rubric can be found at this link.

Students may select any Lexile-appropriate books. If you are having trouble thinking of the right books for you, you can select one from our suggested list:

Rising 9th Grade Students

Rising 10th Grade Students

Rising 11th Grade Students

Rising 12th Grade Students

Early College High School will develop intellectually confident and independent people who seize opportunity to continually better themselves, their communities, and the world.