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Clayton Ridge Schools: October 2018

Where Excellence is the Tradition

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Clayton Ridge Schools were FLOCKED

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Breast Cancer Awareness

CRES Competes in Victory Ford's Reading Program

Mrs. Karen Reichard

September 2018 Stats

196 kids participated this month, that's 88% of the school!

90 (46%) of those 196 kids read enough to receive a book as their top prize.

The top class was Reichard’s class with 487 books or chapters read.

4,261 books or chapters were read that's not including the 2,980 extra books or chapters recorded. Bringing in a grand total of 7,241 books or chapters read this month!

CRES September Awards

Promethean Panel in Action in Kindergarten

Ms. Bodish’s class has been busy getting to know their new Promethean Board this year! They have found some fun apps that allow them to practice letters, sounds, handwriting, and even shapes. Some of the apps have been added to their Ipads for additional practice during center time. The board’s hands on abilities and bright pictures make learning so much fun! They will continue finding new and exciting features as the year continues!

Eagle Pride Store

Mrs. Stephanie Thomas, CRES School Counselor

Mrs. Jill Stanard, CRES

Elementary students were able to spend tickets that they earned for showing good character.

Fourth- and fifth-grade students enjoyed an extra recess with 15 Gotcha Tickets.

PDC Mud Run for Carter

Mrs. Jill Stannard and Mrs. Stephanie Thomas ran in the Prairie du Chien Mud Run on September 15 to show their support for Carter.

CRES Students are Falling into Books

Mrs. Sarah Zaradnik, ES Instructional Coach

Students are falling into books!

Look at the awesome books students are reading this month!

One 5th grader said, “This kid likes the same book as me!”

Let’s see what other connections students can make with each other through books!

Thank you for taking time for students to share their love of reading!

Looking forward to adding more leaves as we keep falling into books this month!!!

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SeeSaw and iPads in Mrs. Reichard's Class

Mrs. Karen Reichard and Mrs. Deb Henkes

Students in Mrs. Reichard's class using the Seesaw app. Mrs. Henkes talked about using appropriate emoji’s when working on the iPads. Students also practiced typing in a sentence and drawing a picture to illustrate the sentence. Second-grade students learned how to use emojis to help them write sentences. Check out Abby's example:

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CRES 4th and 5th Grades Visit the Garnavillo Historical Museum

Mrs. Jill Stanard, CRES

Fourth and fifth graders took a trip up to the Garnavillo Historical Museum to learn interesting things about Clayton Co. and its history. Students learned about all the local artifacts and information!

Graphics created by Mrs. Deb Henkes

CREL 4th and 5th Graders Explore Marvelous Machines

As a part on their ongoing inquiry investigations in Mrs. Stannard's and Mrs. Lawrence's science and social studies classes and in partnership with Nate Weber from the Clayton Co. ISU Extension program, CREL 4th and 5th graders are learning all about simple machines. Activities include hands-on and partnership projects as well as using technology to further and deepen learning. On their laptops, students are jumping into a Simple Machine Hyperdoc which allows students to individualize and summarize their understanding of simple machines and how they work.
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CRES Students Attend STEAM Workshop at Keystone AEA

Mrs. Sarah Lawrence, CRES

CRE students Alivya Goerdt, Claire Brandt, Kale Weissenberger, and Chris Gebhardt learned fantastic hands-on moon mission skills at AEA in Elkader. Students created a temporary emergency moon shelter, developed lunar badges, worked with electrical circuits and programed robots to navigate the surface of the moon. These fourth- and fifth-grade leaders will help their teachers introduce a Lunar Unit later this year.
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CRES Grades 4 & 5 to Elgin Corn Maze

Students in 4/5 grade from Clayton Ridge Elementary took a trip to Elgin to tour and learn about all their attractions. Activities included touring the Gilbertson Nature Center, the Mavis & Connor Dummermuth Historical Building, an Eye Spy activity, and Nature Scavenger Hunt, as well as the Maize Maze, popcorn picking and shelling and storytelling about historical farming equipment.

CR Third Graders to Edgewood West Rock Quarry

Mrs. Kathy Connelly and Mrs. Tami Palmer

Slideshow Using Smilebox

Don Koss Honor Flight Visit

Mrs. Jill Stanard, CRES

Fourth- and fifth-grade students were privileged to hear about the special events from Don Koss' Honor Flight trip this last month.

Popcorn Party for Hard Work and Good Behavior

Mrs. Sara Lawrence, CRES

Students in Mrs. Lawrence's fourth-grade reading class earned a popcorn party for hard work and good behavior. Congratulations!

Editing and Revising In Fourth-Grade Reading

Mrs. Jill Stanard, CRES

Students in Mrs. Stannard's fourth-grade reading class are working diligently while editing and revising their peer's realistic fiction stories.

5C MS Youth Impact Group Proclamation Signing

Ms. Lynette Pritchard, CR Social Worker

A handful of our middle school students and who are also members of our 5C Middle School Youth Impact Group attended a Proclamation Signing at the Clayton County Board of Supervisors in Elkader, earmarking the week of October 23-October 31, 2018. (Due to construction, CR will be honoring Red Ribbon Week Nov. 12-16, 2018.)

CR Students: Brooke Hansel, Eva Dempster, Ellen Brandt, and Jenna Funk.

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IXL Success for 7th and 8th Grade

Mrs. Carole Mackey, CRMS Social Studies/HS English

The seventh and eighth grade Social Studies classes, taught by Carole Mackey, have been awarded a certificate for outstanding completion of 30,000 social studies questions on IXL since the beginning of this school year.

Guttenberg Public Library Events

Nancy Ruzicka, Librarian

Friday, November 2 at 2:15 p.m. - Movie Matinee - Peter Rabbit rated PG
Friday, November 9 at 10:30 a.m. - Toddler Time - ages 2-4
Friday, November 16 at 2:15 p.m. - Adventure Hour - school-aged kids

The Guttenberg Library will be closed the following days. November 12, 22 and 23.

Below is an image from Toddler Time.

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CRMS Reading Students Visit the Guttenberg Public Library

Mrs. Cheri Werges, CRMS Langauge Arts

Students in Carole Mackey’s and Cheri Werges’ reading classes visited the Guttenberg Public Library last week. Librarian, Nancy Ruzicka, gave students a tour of the library explaining both the services the library offers and the different book sections in the library.

Enhancing and Merging in Photoshop

Mrs. Sharon Keehner, HS Business
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CRHS Fall Play: The Medici Code

The Medici Code

by Craig Soldaro

Produced by special arrangements with

Eldridge Publishing Company

Contributed by: Mrs. Valeria White CRHS English and Fall Play Director

What happened to Baba Medici? And what’s all this about a code? What major scientific discovery was he trying to protect? And what does the number 21 and the planet Jupiter have to do with it all? These questions challenge Lucy Lyons (Nichole Bebber), cryptologist and expert in classical history, as she and her nephew (Jake Harwick) and nieces (Kaitlyn Ramsey and Sierra Sheber) explore Medici Castle off the coast of England with a group of tourists, lead by Mr. Tweedle (Ian Burr), who are not who they seem. Castle owner, Bridget Kelly, and her father, Paddy, warmly welcome the group to their island home, including Carrie (Kirisa Kephart) and Daisy (Danyel Reick) Calloway, Hal (Landon LeGrand) and Lois (Sadie Moser) Bumper, Harriet Salisbury (Alyssa Ludvik), Nathan Kurtz (Seth Ihde), Tammy Sue (Kristen Willenborg), and Jake (Henry Scherer) and Bunny (Molly Kann) Jones. After two members of the group are bumped off and two others disappear, pressure mounts for Lucy to break the code. Can she do it in time?

Come find out as the cast and crew (Cisco Gomez, Avery Dettbarn, Vinny Schmelzer, Michael Pont, Boston Pierce, and Joe Schmelzer) present Craig Soldaro’s The Medici Code!

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Girls' Experience in Industry

Mrs. Julie Hansel, CRMS/HS School Counselor

Five students from Clayton Ridge attended the John Deere Girls' Experience In Industry event on Monday, October 8 in Dubuque.

Students were given a tour, practice on virtual reality, paint, and weld simulators, lego activity and speed mentoring.

Tasty Videos in FCS

Ms. Angela Williams, Family Consumer Science

October Lunch Menu

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November Lunch Menu

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Words on Wellness

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November Words on Wellness

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About Clayton Ridge Community Schools

Clayton Ridge Community School District has both a north and south campus. The northern campus is located in the midst of the rolling prairie of Garnavillo, Iowa and currently serves students in grades PK-5. The southern campus is situated among the picturesque Mississippi River bluffs and boasts a magnificent view of the mighty river and Lock & Dam 10 in Guttenberg, Iowa. The south campus serves middle school (6-8), and high school (9-12).