HAMOM Newsletter

President's Letter

Hi MOMs!

I hope you all are having a fantastic summer! We begin the season with a change in board members. I'd like to extend a special thank you to outgoing board members Erica and Margaret. We all sincerely appreciate your service to the club.

I hope to see you all at this month's meeting. It is going to be an informational meeting at First Baptist Church in the Community Room. We'll be learning about our own HAMOM members and their businesses. If you'd like to feature your own business, please notify one of the board members as soon as possible. For July's meeting, we're going to have Part 2 of "How I became a Mom" Lara Segrest has offered to host, so please be on the lookout for updates from her.

We will have some really cute HAMOM insulated cups for sale at the next few meetings while supplies last. They are $5 each.

I know many of you have a soft spot for the Huntsville Hospital NICU. You have a chance to help! Their biggest annual fundraisers are held in August. HAMOM would like to offer member volunteers for the swimming event or the banquet. Also, we'd like to put together teams of swimmers. If you have older children, please let us know if they're interested in joining a team.

Please fill out a survey (link provided below), and let us know what you'd like to see happen this year. We put several items from last year's survey into action, so your suggestions really do make a difference! This is also where we get committee members, so if you are interested in serving on committees like Momsmart and Breakfast with Santa please respond. If you'd like to remain anonymous, but want to serve on a committee you'll need to notify a board member.

Have a Happy June!

Here is the link for the survey:


Thanks for all of your feedback!

Upcoming Events

June 16 - Meeting at First Baptist Church

July 21 - Meeting at Lara's! "How I Became a Mom - Part 2" Keep an eye open for more info