Stella & Dot Closet Clear Out!



I couldn't be more excited to invite you to my Closet Clear Out Event!!

I have included pictures of each of the pieces I have on clearance. I only have one of each piece, unless otherwise noted. These pieces were my samples and are still in excellent condition. However, because they were samples there is no warranty on these pieces.

I can offer you these pieces at such an awesome price because in the next few weeks we are launching our new FALL collection (to which I am looking for four debut hostesses)!!! Check out all the goodies at my personal website at

Please let me know right away if you are interested in a piece or have any questions,

Happy Shopping,

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I'm your Stylist Kristina Kelly

I enjoy working style magic with Stella & Dot and the ladies I have met all across Canada! I originally joined Stella and Dot to get out of the house for some girl time after my first son was born. Now three years later, I still love getting out of the house. Only now, I am faced with the 'horrible' dilemma of having to choose which piece of jewellery I am going to wear everyday!! I would love to do a "Girls Night Out" for you and your friends. I am currently booking for May & June and would love to hear from you!!