Chapter 10 Summary

By Monique, Ukke and Kate

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Death- In the previous chapter Johnny has been killed which has had a massive affect the whole gang. Dally is shot by the vacant lot by the police

Grief- They are trying to get a grip on the fact that Johnny I dead. They see Dally die and Ponyboy struggles to believe it

Friendship- The whole gang runs to the vacant lot to try to help Dally hide from the police. Even though they all know that they could get in trouble they run to help their friend in need no matter the consequences.

Family- Darry and Sodapop sit by Ponyboy’s bed while he is sick and never leave his side. They view each other differently and their relationship has changed because they understand how much they love each other

Fear- The gang fears that Dally will finally crack and that he may get hurt

Significant Events

- Johnny has just died in hospital

- Ponyboy is grieving about Johnny’s death and trying to pretend as if he is still alive

- Dally finally hits his breaking point and he gets the police to kill him (suicide by cop)

- Ponyboy passes out when he sees Dally shot

- The hospital gives Ponyboy the Gone With The Wind that Johnny had

- Ponyboy is sick, but not just physically, emotionally and mentally too

Character Development

- Dally hits breaks point and he is so upset about Johnny’s death he wants to kill himself so he gets the cops to kill him.

- Dally develops when Johnny dies and you see his real emotions and see he did love something and he is not just full of hatred.

- Ponyboy develops when Dally dies because he passes out and becomes mentally and physically unwell.

- The Curtis brothers become closer and understand each other better.

- The readers get a better understanding of the way dally is and the way he cares for Johnny.

Characters Involved

- Ponyboy

- Darry

- Dally

- Sodapop

- Two-bit

- Steve

- The police

- The nurse

- The man who dropped Ponyboy home

- Johnny (is spoken about)

- The shop owner

Setting of Chapter

The chapter has many different settings:

- The Curtis boys house

- The vacant lot in their neighbourhood

- Ponyboy in hospital, but he can't remember it

Important Quotes

- “Johnny was dead” pg. 182

- “Johnny is not dead, I told myself, and I believed it.” pg. 183

- “Johnny……..he’s dead.” Pg. 184

- "Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. And now Johnny was gone.” pg. 185

- “So even Dally had a breaking point.” pg. 185

- "And even as the policeman’s guns spit fire into the night I knew that was what Dally wanted.” pg. 186

- “Johnny left his copy of Gone With The Wind. Told the nurse he wanted you to have it.” pg. 191