My Family Traditions

Madison Chessare

Christmas Morning

Every Christmas morning my brother Alex and I wake up really early and go down to the living room where our Christmas trees are look at the presents, talk, and wait for our dad to wake up and make us breakfast. Every year him and my mom make us french toast with their homemade french bread with fruit grown on our farm on top and homemade orange juice. We aren't together to eat breakfast much as a family so when we get everyone together it makes it very special. We've been doing this with my 2 brothers and 2 sisters ever since I was born.

Madi Mom fun

When I was little my mom and I started going to a baking class my mom's friend, Julie taught. Every Tuesday and Thursday night we would bake a simple cake and make homemade icing and take it to our class to learn about cakes. My mom loves spending time with me and it always means a lot to her when I do, she likes to call it "Madi Mom time". The baking classes were so much fun and we leaned a lot, every birthday or anniversary we make a cake the best we can. I think we are a pretty good team.

Chicago Traditions

Chicago is full of traditions with my family. One of my favorite traditions with my family is going to Millennium Park and seeing the bean. My family use to go to Millennium park all the time and take silly pictures in front of it ever since I was little. It has always been fun for me and our family just made it sort of a tradition to do so.


Religion to my parents is very important. We have been going to church and attending church events ever since I can remember. Baptism is very important to my parents. All of my brothers and my sisters my mom my dad and I were all baptized as babies and will be continued on throughout the family.

Old Traditions To Continue

Disney World

I have 2 older brothers, and 2 older sisters and when we were younger we loved our tenth birthday. When old of us turned 10 out parents surprised us with a trip to Disney world. It was one of the best days of my life. We all really loved the trips to Disney. Because all of us are so much older now, we don't go there anymore. When I get older I will definitely make this a tradition with a family of my own.


When I was a little girl Halloween was definitely my favorite holiday. When I was little my mom would always sew together a cute little costume for me and I would go out and trick-or-treat with my older brother, Alex. It was always my favorite because I loved spending time with my brother and getting candy was always really awesome for me. I don't trick-or-treat anymore because I'm a little too old for it but when I have my own family I will continue this tradition the best I can!

Easter Egg Hunts

Every Easter my family and I go to my Grandma's for Easter dinner and Easter egg hunts. When i was a little girl my mom would always dress me really cute in hats and get a matching basket to collect my eggs. It was so exciting! I don't go Easter egg hunting anymore because it is just for the kids but I know when I have my own family I will definitely carry on this tradition.

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