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Social Conscience

I can empathize with others, even those who are different than me.

Before we go on, let's break down what it means to have empathy. Empathy is this:

discerning what others are thinking and feeling and responding in the appropriate way.

There are a couple of components to empathy. First, you must understand what others are thinking and feeling. That is not an easy task. Discerning someone else's thoughts and feelings take time. It takes investment. It takes a high level of listening. It does not require talking on your part. It does not require advice. It does not require you to explain what you would do. To be empathetic, we must listen to understand. Sometimes empathy requires no response, no words, just listening intently to others.

Secondly, empathy requires us to respond in an appropriate way. This is appropriate for what the other person truly needs, not what we think they need. (Back to point one, you must listen intently to know what they are thinking and feeling.) Our response must support the other person. It must be appropriate to the situation, appropriate for the person. What they need might not be what we would need in the situation. Remember empathy is not about you, it is about others.

Now, for the last part...the most difficult part. It is sometimes very difficult to respond with empathy to those who are different from you. Many times those different from us respond to situations very differently than we potentially would have responded. Empathy requires that we remove judgment and try to get to the heart of their intentions. In our opinion, the response may have been inappropriate, but what we see as a problem, that person may have seen as a solution. We think we can understand certain situations as we relate them to our own personal experiences. This connection makes us feel like we understand what the other person is dealing with or going through. While many problems are common, people are unique. Each person’s experience in dealing with similar problems is often very different.

Practice this during the week: Try to respond with empathy to a situation that is difficult for you to understand why a person would have responded in a particular way. Sit down, have a conversation, open up a dialogue, discern what that person is thinking and feeling and respond in the appropriate way.

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • Down Fowerbaugh and Erin Shimp for their extra efforts this year in planning MORP.
  • our custodial staff for helping to set up, tear down, and clean up with all of our new event formats.

Congratulations to the RDM team. Even after a crazy year and fundraising struggles, RDM was still able to raise over $40,000 for the kids at Riley!

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Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 34: Grateful Friday Challenge:

Happy Friday! Happy end to Teacher Appreciation Week! Happy weekend coming up! Happy day all around...

I did a little research last night and when I looked up the word ‘appreciation’ in the dictionary, I found this definition:

  1. The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something

  2. A full understanding of something

This is arguably the hardest time of year for most teachers and students. Summer vacation is just around the corner, for most of the students (and teachers) high stakes testing is soon to be over for the year (sorry, AP, you are still going). Sometimes it seems as if at the end of the year we must be at the top of our game trying to hold the attention of the students sitting in our classes, trying to get them over the hump after a long struggle of a year, and we need a break too. Did you know that more likely than not the person in the classroom next to you feels the same? Let’s appreciate that. Not that “they” could also be struggling -- but that we are not fighting these battles alone. Everyone is on the same page and working hard to send this year out in the best way possible.

Let’s appreciate the little things that students and colleagues do to make SHS great. There are a number of ways we have given thanks over the course of the year - let’s bring some of those back to show our appreciation for those special individuals who push us/students/themselves to be better each day. How can we do this? So glad you asked…

  • Write them a handwritten note.
  • Stick a positive post-it on their door.
  • Go out of your way to tell them in person.
  • Send them a quick email.
  • Tweet about how awesome they are on social media. (Use #SHSGFC!)
  • Offer up a quiet moment of gratitude for them and what they do for all of us.

Keep being super! If you are frustrated right now with school, students, life in general... remember last year at this time, the Cardinal was lonely and we wanted nothing more than to be in the building with students! Happy teacher appreciation week! You deserve all the praise in the world for your efforts this year with our students!

Only two Fridays left!!!! (Let’s celebrate and appreciate that!)

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Lloyd Winebarger

Mr. Winebarger's Government students are taking social action. Students had to pick a recent social/political issue to research. Students were given options but could choose an issue that we personal to them. After completing research, students are working to compose a professional email to their local or national government representatives. After some peer review next week, students will be sending these emails to that government official to try to promote positive change in our world.

Jacki Richardson

Mrs. Richardson and the show choir are preparing for their first concert of the year. Students took time in class to go through their song and dance routine to get ready for their upcoming concert on Tuesday, May 11. We are excited to be able to get back to hosting live music concerts in the auditorium next week to showcase our students' hard work throughout the year!

Mark Snodgrass

Mr. Snodgrass has set up an eSports program for students after school. On Thursday, students met in Mr. Snodgrass's room for a Smash Brothers tournament. One of the students created a website to set the rules and procedures of the tournament. Students and some teachers had a blast on Thursday competing in Smash Brothers.

School Lunch Heroes

May 7th is School Lunch Hero Day. This is a short video explaining its origin and significance. We want to think the Southport High School Lunch Heroes for all they do for our students each day. Our Cafeteria staff is amazing!!

Educational Humor

Nate Bargatze Learns Common Core Math | Official Clip | Netflix