Summer Math Activities

Flex your math brain this summer & skip the "summer slide!"

A little work goes a long way!

Even as little as 10-15 minutes every few days can help keep your brain active, healthy, and happy. Not to mention help you retain all of that learning from this school year.

Utilize these free websites and tools to keep your mind active and give yourself a leg up for next year!

LISD MS Math Resources

Revisit any resources and activities aligned to your units of study this year. Don't forget to go explore the Enrichment Resources, too!

Think Through Math

Let this computer program customize a learning path around your strengths and areas for growth. With avatars, contests, and games built in, you are sure to find something to love and learn.

Use the log-in you received from your teacher, or email for username and password.

Compass Learning Odyssey

Finish assignments created by your teacher or navigate topics of your own choosing. Don't forget the Brain Buzzers section!

CK-12 Brain Flex

We'll bring the practice, you bring your brain.

Build your math and science skills with daily practice.

Accept the challenge, sign-in with your email address and set your parent/guardian up as you coach.

Complete the daily challenges in your browser or download the CK-12 app.

Greg Tang Math Summer Challenge

Print out a gameboard and get busy!

Complete the super engaging puzzles and games to be eligible for prizes and certificates!

Khan Academy

Take the diagnostic test and let Khan Academy suggest the next steps in your learning. With tons of videos and online practice, from basic math through calculus and many other subjects, #youcanlearnanything!

Use you google account to log-in and track your progress.

But don't just sit inside, online this summer! Read a book (or three)! Get outside in the fresh air! Go swimming! There is plenty of math to be seen where ever you are!