Welcome Back Cheyenne Shields

August 5, 2022

Student Expectations and Procedures

Welcome back, Shields. We are excited for our 2022/2023 school year. There are a few expectations that we would like to address to ensure the continuous safety and security on the Cheyenne campus.



All students and community members are required to enter through the entrance near the theater. Students will be checked by staff to ensure the following:

  • Student badge is visible (badges will be issued on picture day)

  • Student is in compliance with dress code

Students who do not have a badge will be required to purchase a replacement. Students unable to purchase a replacement will be placed in in-house until arrangements can be made to purchase a new ID.

Students out of dress code will be provided with an opportunity to adjust their clothing in order to comply with the expectation. If the dress code violation prevents the student from being identifiable (i.e. any head covering/gear), then they will be sent to in-house until they comply with the expectation.

60 Degree Rule: If the temperature is 60 degrees or lower, hoods, hats, and caps are approved to be worn in areas of the campus that are outdoors. These areas include the quad, breezeway, any field, and parking lot.

Tardies and Absences

All students are expected to be in their classrooms in their seats before the bell rings. When the bell rings classroom doors will be closed. Students who are not in their classrooms may be subject to search by administration.

Students who are marked tardy will be assigned to In-House during the next school day. Parents will be required to sign their child in at the single point of entry in order for students to be removed from in-house. This same procedure will be applied to students who “ditch” classes. “Ditching” will be defined as attending fewer than 4 periods each day. Students who arrive late due to any circumstance must have a parent sign them in to avoid being assigned in-house the next day.

Classroom Cell Phone Policy

Students need to turn off and put cellphones and earbuds in their backpacks when entering the classroom. If students refuse to abide by the cellphone rules teacher will write a referral for insubordination. Parents will need to come in with students and sign a cellphone use contract. If the document is not signed it will be a mandatory Required Parent Conference (RPC). The third cellphone infraction will be a mandatory Required Parent Conference (RPC).

Students may use their phones in their classrooms with the expressed permission of a teacher.

Students may use their cell phones during arrival, passing, lunch, and at the end of the day at 1:11 p.m.

Student Responsibilities

  • Know and follow the rules and regulations of Cheyenne High School listed in both the Student Code of Conduct and this handbook.
  • Do your part to create a positive, learning-focused environment.
  • Prioritize school attendance.
  • Respect yourself, your fellow students, your teachers, and the school staff.
  • Behave in a way that enhances the educational process and safety of the building.
  • Learn problem-solving skills to effectively handle conflict situations peacefully.

Updated CCSD Student Code of Conduct

Please visit the links below to review the updated Student Code of Conduct. The Student Code of Conduct guides schools in their use of consequences and interventions to address negative student behaviors.

Additional steps that CCSD is taking to keep our students safe can be found here.

Code of Conduct Updates

Students will be suspended for:

  • All types of fighting.

Students will be recommended for expulsion for:

  • Campus disruption.
  • Possessing, using, transmitting, or concealing a weapon on campus.
  • Battery to staff.
  • Distribution of a controlled substance.

What are "All Types of Fighting"?

Engaging in, or pretending to engage in, physical contact for the purpose of inflicting harm.


  • Pushing, shoving, hitting, kicking.
  • Mimicking any of the previous examples.

What is a Campus Disruption?

Any action that interrupts learning, passing, lunch, arrival, dismissal or a school sponsored event; or threatens the safety of others.


  • False call to emergency services.
  • Any action that causes a fire alarm activation.
  • Any action that requires fire, medical, or police to respond.
  • Threat to students and/or school OR passing along a threat.
  • Multiple student fight.
  • Causing a large group of students to follow you.
  • Posting/sharing pictures or videos of students engaging in a campus disruption, or in a manner that causes a campus disruption.

Weapons are Not Allowed on Campus

Persons who possess, use, transmit, or conceal a weapon will be recommended for expulsion.

  • Possess means:

    • Holding a weapon with any part of your body.

    • Carrying a weapon in any piece of clothing or accessory (i.e. purse, backpack).

  • Use means:

    • Showing a weapon to someone else.

    • Acting like you’re using a weapon.

    • Threatening to use a weapon while it is in your possession.

    • Using a weapon to cause harm.

  • Transmit means

    • Sharing a weapon with someone else.

    • Bringing a weapon to school to give to someone else.

  • Conceal means

    • Hiding a weapon.

Reminder: Passes are Required for All Students

All Students must have a blue corridor pass to leave the classroom for any reason once each period begins. Passes are not required during arrival, dismissal, or passing. Passes will go into effect beginning at Period 1 (7:00 a.m.).

Students who are witnessed to be out of the classroom without a pass may be subject to a search of their pockets, bags, and accessories by an administrator and their designee.