Accessing Assistive Technology

For Home Use


Read&Write is a customizable toolbar that integrates reading, writing, studying, and research support tools.

This UDL program is available to all students for at home use. Currently we offer the software for windows based computers.


FYI-Assistive Technology Resources-TextHELP ReadWrite Gold-Texthelp Takehome-Setup (Right Click)-Save Target As- (direct to a memory key) and name the file.

Print These Instructions For At Home Installation: TexthelpReadWrite Take Home

Word Q

Text to speech, advanced in-context word prediction with spoken feedback.

A software disk can be purchased through issuing an ICT heat ticket. Schools can provide either a windows or a mac disk for parents/guardians to download the program at home. This program is available on windows and apple products.

To place an order for software or accessories, please submit a Heat Ticket with a detailed description of your needs and an applicable budget code (purchases are made at the school level). The Service Desk will direct your request. Ordered materials will be sent to you via board courier.

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 for Windows provides the most comprehensive suite of supports for struggling students; including reading, writing, study skills, and test taking.

Home use is reserved for students who have SEA claims submitted on their behalf.

After receiving a SEA claim for a student at your school, please email Gisele Power (Spec Ed Equipment Secretary) and provide her with applicable student information. You will then receive an email with login and password information. Kurzweil for home use is web based.

Tammie Cameron

Itinerant SERT - Assistive Technology