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St. Columba Catholic School - News every Friday - 5/14/21

St. Columba Families,

We certainly had a lot of fun and excitement on campus this week!

On Tuesday we all had a good time when I got duct taped to the wall and then a table after we had some challenges. We also had Jamba Juice, Free Dress, Extra Recess, and Pizza Parties for some of our classes as rewards for our car raffle ticket sales.

It was great to see so many of our students and staff decked out in spirit wear and colors on Wednesday! We all had fun coming together to watch the 8th grade vs. Teachers Volleyball game. The 8th graders gave the Teachers a good run for their money in 4 competitive and fun-filled games, but the Teachers came out on top.

Next week, the fun will continue with Padres Day and the Teacher Tricycle Tournament! If you have Padres gear for teachers that don't have any, please bring it to the Welcome Center on Monday or Tuesday. Also, if anyone has any strong, sturdy, functional tricycles for us to use, please let me know.

Finally, next week will end on a special note with our May Crowning. Please see the email I sent earlier today for more information.

Here is a look ahead at the upcoming events on campus:

  • Monday, May 17:
  • Tuesday, May 18:
  • Wednesday, May 19: Padres Day (All students can wear Padres gear) + Teacher Tricycle Tournament
  • Thursday, May 20:
  • Friday, May 21: May Crowning (8:30am) - All are Welcome!


Mr. Amann

Padres Gear Needed

If you have some spare Padres gear laying around, some of the teachers and staff, Mr. Amann included, would like to borrow it for Padres Day.

Please drop off any gear at the school office on Monday.

Any Tricycles our there?

If you have a working tricycle that can hold adult weight that the school could borrow for the Tricycle tournament, please let Mr. Amann know ASAP!

Thanks in advance!

Seeking Altar Servers

Last week, Mr. Amann went around to discuss Altar Serving with our students in 4th-7th grade.

Any student in these grades is welcome to become a trained altar server.

If interested, please let Mr. Amann know and he can ensure your child receives a signup form.

3rd Graders Enjoying Jamba Juice!

8th Grade Vs Teachers Volleyball Game Highlights

Mr. Amann Duct Taped with K-8 Students

Big picture

8th Grader Zach Dunking on Mr. Amann with the Rims lowered!

Big picture