7th Grade Blowout Party Planning

By Eli Miller


As we know, we have an option for Both Burger Bonanza, or Pizza Palace. Lets have a look at the statistics for both, shall we? (See graph for full statistics.)

Burger Bonanza - 10x+20=c
Pizza Palace - 9.25x+61.25=c

x representing the number of students, c representing the price.


Next up we must cater to the students with entertainment, our choices being Hoppin' Around or Jumpin' Jack's. Once more, lets look at the numbers.

Hoppin' Around - 75x=c
Jumpin' Jack's - 54x+84=c

x represents the hours spent, and c represents the price.


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Final Verdict

I believe we should go with Pizza Palace and Hoppin' Around. Why? Well, I believe will certainly have more than 55 students show up to this event. Why specifically 55? Well, that is the number where both companies cost the same. Past that, Pizza Palace becomes cheaper. We don't have an infinite amount of cash, so I suggest Pizza Palace. What about Hoppin' Around? Doesn't that grow more expensive after a while? Correct. However, I highly doubt we would have students play for more than 4 hours, which is the breaking point once more.

So, all in all, these are my suggestions and opinions on our planning for the event. I hope you take my advice.