Chicago Cubs

By: Brendon Schneider

Chicago Cub History

The Chicago Cubs are one of the most lovable teams in the MLB, and have one of the best fan base. They have been "unlucky" for a while. They haven't won a World Series in about 104 years. This is tough for fans to never get their team to win but, the fans believe next year and the next. Read about their new hope to finally breaking the curse below!

Theo Esptein Hero or Bust?

Theo Epstein

Theo Epstein former GM, at Red Sox's Organization. The Red Sox's had "Cruse of the Bambino" were they hadden't won a World Series for 86 years. Then Theo Epstien finnally made the team he had built and broke the "curse". His contract has ended and the Chicago Cubs scooped him up in a heart beat. Some fans looking for a reason to cheer again, others waiting for a Chicago Cubs World Series, which will finnally end their "curse".

To Learn More About The "Curse" Check Here:

Opening Day!

Baseball Season (Start)

Thursday, Sep. 12th 2013 at 12am

1000 Elysian Park Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90012-1199

First Game Of 2013 MLB Season!

*The Los Angeles Dodgers Hosting the San Francisco Giants*

First Chicago Cub Game

Thursday, Sep. 12th 2013 at 12pm

115 Federal St Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Chicago Cubs First Baseball Game

*Pittsburgh Pirates hosting the Chicago Cubs*

2013 MLB Previews: Chicago Cubs-P2

2013 MLB Previews: Chicago Cubs-P2

Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs)

This is how you can see the Cubs on facebook, twitter, and phone. Also, Wrigley Fields Address1