Down to earth with earthworms

Earthworm dissection, Pre-AP Biology, Rachel Lu


In this investigation, we will be observing the external and internal structures of an earthworm. The systems that are identified in this investigations are the circulatory and the digestive system, but in this case we will be focusing on the digestive system.
The Giant Earthworm

Location Location Location

Although the earthworms are native to Europe, they are now found all throughout the world. Although several species live in various layers of the soil, they can also be found in other places such as a rotting log or along bodies of water. Earthworms have to generally remain at a close distance to its food supply in order to survive, and the environment has to be moist because the earthworm breaths through its skin. Earthworms are also very sensitive to light and they prefer a moist and warm living condition, rather than overexposure to light and dryness.

A Lose-Lose

Humans are one of the top predators to worms. They are caught and used for bait and other reasons, but without earthworms the soil be as rich as it would be. Taking the earthworms our is harming us as much as it is harming them. Also global warming is affecting their stable environment causing many earthworms to die. Pollution is also something that is slowly killing them off. Our influence on the earthworms is definitely not a good one, and even though they are helping the environment we are still harming them and killing them.
The Amazing World Of Earthworms In The UK - Springwatch - BBC Two