Mustang Minute

Vol III Issue 12 (11/17/14) - AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK

Looking Ahead...

Welcome to the new look Mustang Minute! (A colleague taught me this today).

This has been an eventful week and next week promises more of the same, as we finish strong leading up to the upcoming Thanksgiving Break. Next week, we'll be discussing recent student data as grade-level teams, and also (most importantly) how this informs our instruction. We are also looking forward to next week's PD on problem-solving and math process goals.

Next week's look-fors will be in Reading.

1. Using student data for small group remediation

2. Learning Targets (whole group)

Have a great weekend!


Breshell Nevels - November 16th


Monday 11/17

  • AEW - Future is so Bright
  • PTA Council @ MHS, 7 PM
  • Child Study
  • (Intervention: Blue)

Tuesday 11/18

  • AEW - Dress for Success/Open House
  • 5th Family Life

Wednesday 11/19

  • AEW - When I Grow Up
  • 5th Family Life
  • Faculty Meeting/PD Team Session @ 7:45
  • K-2 Data Meetings During resource

Thursday 11/20

  • AEW- Oh, the Places You Will Go
  • Lead Teacher Walk-throughs

Friday -11/21/14

  • AEW - We are Rockstars


  • Thanksgiving Holiday Break, 11/26-11/28