5th Grade ELA

English Language Arts


Students have begun a new unit on reading closely. We started out with reading a picture and will move into reading articles from magazines. Students need o remember to read 3 times. The first is to notice, the second to think about, and the third time to question about what they have read. We will continue this unit for the month of February.


With the start of the new year, I know that many students are lacking in supplies. If you would like to contribute, we need the following supplies in the room:

1. Pencils

2. Paper

3. Markers


This past week, student rewrote a portion of Bridge to Terabithia. This is narrative writing. The students used first person point of view to retell the "Perfect Day" from the teacher's perspective.

Our next writing will involve continuing the story. Students will read a short story and tell the ending based on what they have read.

Bluestem and Caudill Reading

Student have been encouraged to accept the challenge of reading all of the books nominated on the Bluestem and Caudill list. We have had several students close to finishing the Bluestem list. Keep up the great work!