Edmodo Sub Hub

created by Joelle Dulaney and Bobby B. Lewis

What is a Sub Hub?

A digital wall that is secure to post and interact with a substitute. A group for each teach could be created or a group for an entire school with small groups for each teacher.

Why use a Sub Hub?

On the digital wall the sub can contact or communicate with the teacher and

a teacher can update information from home. The sub is given access either as a one time user, and then locked out by the teacher who is the creator of the “class” or “small group” for one date, or the sub is considered an ongoing user so that dialogue can establish between sub and teacher as dates for substitution occur. Ideally the information exchanged is a documentation of not only what happens in the classroom, but also could be used to improve issues such as a sub not knowing where something is in the classroom or the teacher wanting to check on the class from an adult perspective during the day of absence. Student accounts can be closed long distance by a teacher with a comment from a sub regarding behavior or off task online, which will make subbing much easier for anyone in your classroom.

Why use Edmodo for a Sub Hub?

What can be posted

emergency sub plans

a teacher can update this information from home

digital resources for the sub

notes to the sub

Tornado and fire procedures

substitute can post comments back to teacher from the day

digital schedules can be posted in the group

medical needs of students can be posted

sub plans can be posted

digital wall for the sub to contact or communicate with the teacher

Sub Hub example