How to Make a Paper Airplane

Follow these steps to make the best paper airplane ever!

by Gracie Yoder

Materials needed



-colored pencils/any colors


Step #1:Time to get Started!

Start by getting your supplies which is paper, scissors, colored pencils, and tape.

Step #2: Time to Start Folding!

Next, find the top of your paper. Grab the top corners and fold them. When you are done with that step it should look kind of like a house.

Step #3: Hot Dog Style!

Then fold your paper hotdog style. When you're done it should look like half a house. The two flaps or triangles should be on the inside of your half house.

Step #4: Almost Finished

Now all we have to do is a little more folding. Take one side of your half house and fold it hotdog style do the same with the other side.

Step #5: Finishing Step

The last step before you decorate is to put the tape on the top of your paper airplane to make it so it doesn't fall apart.

Step #6: Lets decorate

Lets decorate! When you decorate your paper airplane use colored pencils because they are light and they will make the plane fly better than with crayon and marker.

Make Sure to Have Fun and Enjoy!

Interesting Facts About Paper Airplanes

-According to the Paper Aircraft Association, a paper airplane thrown in space will not fly, it will float in a strait line unless it hits an object it could literally float forever.

-paper airplanes help in science class to understand the law of gravity.