2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Team Fundraiser (Georgia)

The Pink Hair Is Here!!!

The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program is committed to helping groups raise funds for their breast cancer awareness walks. Our goal is to help raise over $5,000 to donate to the American Cancer Society so they can make surviving breast cancer a reality for families, friends and loved ones all across our great nation. See our first "Making Stripes" fundraising video to help support Team Pamela's Jewels for the Making Strides Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, October 26, Atlanta, GA .

"Making Stripes" Pink Hair Party

Monday, Sep. 23rd 2013 at 7-9pm

The Ghani Hair Studio, 935 Marietta Street NW, Suite 027, Atlanta, GA 30318

Our new community partner, The Ghani Hair Studio, helped us create the "Making Stripes" pink hair fundraiser exclusively for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For a $10 donation, you will receive a pink 12" 100% human hair extension on a clip that can be washed, curled, flat ironed, crimped etc and can be attached to any non-slippery surface. The extensions are fun, bright, colorful and makes people happy!!! Up to 40% of each purchase can be donated back to your group (pending amount of bulk order). Call 404.500.5538 for more details or submit your order via email at info@ghanihair.com NOTE: All orders for October events must be submitted at least 10-15 days before your event. No exceptions!!! ORDER YOUR PINK HAIR EXTENSIONS TODAY!

Donation Chart (Your Group Keeps)

15-50 pieces = $1 per donation
51-100 pcs = $2 per donation
101-150 pcs = $3 per donation
151> = $4 per donation

Want To Host Your Own Pink Hair Party?

Build your fundraiser around a pink hair party! Simply invite your friends for a fun get together and charge a $10 donation fee to get in. Or call The Ghani Hair Studio and host one with us. Remember, all pink hair extension orders must be paid for and submitted at least 10-15 days before your event. Order your pink hair stripes TODAY!

TONIGHT'S SPECIAL: Pink Hair Party Attendees Can Buy Their Pink Hair Clips For $6 Each

The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program, Inc.

NEXT Steps is a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization and serves as a community partner of The Ghani Hair Studio and FILMAtlanta. Our PayPal donation email: donations@nextstepsyep.org