What can you take from computer tech


In computer tech i have learned so much. One of the things I learned in computer tech is how to make good presentations. I learned how to use Google docs PowerPoint and my absolute favorite prezi. I use prezi all the time to make presentations for my classes.

Computer saftey

One of the useful tips I got from computer tech is about computer safety. I got to learn about malware, spyware and much more, and now I know what they are and how to prevent them. I will use this knowledge to make my family and my future home and media safe.


Computer Tech taught me about spreadsheets. Spreadsheets is a organized way to store information, like survey results, sales and much more. I am very grateful to learn this because who knows when I will need a skill like this. Most likely in school or future jobs.

People may say Computer Tech is a waste of time but I am here to say Computer Tech It's more than you think.

By: Ashley Davies