Sports Recruiter

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What is this job? How does it relate to speaking Spanish?

First of all the main role of sports recruiter is to do research on players in their sport. Typically the players are at a lower sporting level than their team. After they gather their research on the player or players they must go watch that player play at one his/ her games. When the Sports Recruiter finally gets to see the player in action he/she goes back to their team building and gives a report on what they just saw. Depending on whether the recruiter was impressed or not the recruiter will then offer that player a spot on the team, job, salary, scholarship, etc. It is good to know Spanish because many sports players, especially in baseball come from Spanish speaking countries and don't know English that well if at all.


For this job you need to be good with sports statistics, which is math. Another thing you should be good at is communications. I say statistics because you have to know if the player your researching is good, otherwise your just wasting your time. The reason why I say you need to be good with communications is you need to know how to send emails to players and teams. Also you need to know how to talk to players to get them to join your team. Two universities that would be good for this career are Penn State University and Stanford University. Penn State has a great and well-known communications program and Stanford has good Statistics courses available.


A sports recruiter usually starts out around $28,000 a year. As the recruiter gains more experience they can get closer to $45,000 a year.