By: Tania Romero

My Country

Physical Features

From fertile valleys and hills to deserts and The Dead Sea, the arid Negev Desert is home to craters, oases, and mountains.


The capital of Israel is Jerusalem and the population in Israel is 7.908 million in 2012.

Geographic boundaries

  • North: Syria
  • South: West Bank and Gaza
  • East: Syria
  • West: Egypt


  • King David ruled this kingdom some three years ago.
  • In the 1890's, a Hungarian named Theodore Herzl found a organization for the Jews in Palestine.
  • Talks with the palestines foundered over the statues of Jerusalem
  • Enad Olmert won the 2006 elections but resigned omid corruption

People and Places

  1. Raising a healthy family and respectable family is one of the greatest ideals in Judaism.
  2. Family ties remain very strong even as children become adults.
  3. Masada is an ancient fortification in the southern district in Israel.
  4. The Sea of Galilee is the largest freshwater lake in Israel.


  1. About 1/5 of Israel's population strictly observe the religion.
  2. Animals must be killed quickly and painlessly so it doesn't hurt them.\
  3. Olives have grown in Israel for thousands of years.
  4. About 75% of non-Jewish population are Arab Muslims and 10% are Arab Christians.


  1. The most popular sports are soccer and basketball.
  2. Jews also have Olympic Games like us but theirs is called The Maccabiah Games.
  3. They also play checkers and backgammon