The mystery of bob

by Trevor and Jaden

Makeing money

Once a pond a time bob the turkey was traveling in the city. He was looking for a job at a store. Bob the turkey was trying to make money for his family because he wanted to have a family gathering for Thanksgiving . For his family gathering they had pancakes and waffles for there Thanksgiving breakfast . For dinner they had a human.thay ate then thay went to the park to play football.
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then bob goes to town to see if his friend can come to his Thakskgiveing fest but when he gets there he see a horbal sit his frend got shot then he calls the 911 numder but the fone is brocan then he trys his fon but it is out of batary thny gos down the stars and gets in his car speeds to the pleas offes thay say that will be thar in a minet but wen thay get thar the boty is gon and evrey thing is in orter then the person how killd his frent was a houman. to be contiud.
then thay pont thar guns and get on the groundand the human dose and he go's to tuerky gall. and evry thin gos bak to normal. but bob is stil no so happy wut hapend to his frend so he go's out 1 bay to see if he can find a new frend it taks a wial but he finds a new frend his name is spik and thay be comes his best frends and the tip of teruky is the vary rary dragan tuerky.
and thay are uowshle no vary frend leay then the next thakskiving spik the dragen tukey jons them and spik is vary frend leay to bobs famly and spik is vary frend leay to bobs famly. and spik thaks bob for inviting him and thay all live happy ever after.