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The 4 Non-Negotiables for Teaching

In our November PD sessions, we have learned about "The 4 Non-Negotiables". They are: 1) Essential Questions 2) Activating Strategy 3) Limited Lecture 4) Graphic Organizers. These 4 strategies should be used by every teacher, in every class, every day! December Walk-throughs will be focused on those 4 strategies. Included in this Newsletter are a few helpful ideas for implementing the 4 Non-Negotiables in your classroom!

Essential & Text Dependent Questions

Graphic Organizers - Are they really effective?

There are many different kinds of graphic organizers. They can be very simple to very complex depending on the needs of the student and the concept he/she is learning. Research shows that
  1. Semantic organizers, cognitive maps with a mnemonic and framed outlines were all found to be highly effective in improving reading comprehension. Cognitive maps without a mnemonic were found to be moderately effective.
  2. Graphic organizers were effective regardless of whether they were implemented by teachers or researchers.
  3. Students using graphic organizers significantly outperformed their peers who did not use graphic organizers regardless of whether they developed their own graphic organizers or used teacher- or researcher-generated ones.
  4. Students ranging in age from elementary to high school all benefited significantly from using graphic organizers.

Research extracted from "Graphic Organizers and Their Effects on the Reading Comprehension of Students with LD: A Synthesis of Research.


Cool Tech for the Classroom....

In our last data meeting, we used an app called "Plickers". You print out a card for each student to use when answering questions in a group. The students can't tell which answers their neighbors are holding up since all of the cards are different. The teacher can hold up their smartphone (iphone or android) and scan the class answers in seconds. The results are displayed through the LCD with graphs and check boxes that show which students have answered and which have not. Best of all, it's FREE!!

Here's the link if you are interested!


Charlotte Odom, Instructional Partner

Robertsdale Elementary School