The Purlin Forming Machine

The Overview Of The Purlin Forming Machine

The Overview Of The Purlin Forming Machine

A purlin roll forming machine is a kind of roll forming machine that is used for creating various shapes of the material (usually steel) fed into it. The technologically advanced machine is capable of bending materials of varied thicknesses into different shapes, smoothly and consistently. The Purlin Roll Forming Machines are used in a number of industries.

Structure Of The Purlin Roll Forming Machine: The purlin roll forming machine Machine has a robust structure that consists of the following parts and components:

Decoiler: The decoilers uncoil the metal rolls to send them forward for further processing.
Leveling & Feeding Devices: Leveling Device consists of strip guide device, lead plate, flattening rollers and drive cable tray roll forming machine. The drive rollers are flexible on both sides of the guiding device. The leveling device keeps the strip straight and prevents the strip from going out of the center. Talking about the feeding device, it releases the top of the coil and feeds the material into the Roll Forming Machine. This makes the coil straight and flat after decoiling.
Hydraulic Punching: The hydraulic punching device is used for creating pressure on the material.
Hydraulic Cutting: The role of the hydraulic cutting device is to cut the material in accordance with the measurements set for that particular material.
Roll Former: There are two forming parts of roll forming equipment former. One of the parts is fixed and the other is according to the specifications.
PLC Control System: The PLC control system allows more control over the machine as well as its operations. It also enables automatic production with pre set measurements. It helps in controlling the speed of the rollers. Information like batches, length and quantity of the material can be fed into the system. The operation type of the PLC Control System is usually touch screen or buttoned.
Run-Out Table: The run out table is quite important for the last part of the operation. Its basic function is to support the finished panels.
Exit Station: The finished product exit in this area. It may be either placed in group or carried through a conveyer.

Though the overall process seems simple, it is actually not. You need to understand the different parts and procedure well to understand the functioning of the machine. Nowadays, the modern day Purlin Roll Forming Machine is completely integrated and includes a computer directed system that is able to handle materials, processing and finishing efficiently.