Wind or Sun?

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Wind Turbines vs Solar Panels

With studies claiming that--at the rate we are using it--we will be without fossil fuels within the next 35 years, many are turning towards wind and solar power as a greener option. Both wind and solar energy are great renewable resources, capable of providing us with more than enough power, without damaging the environment. So which is better? Well, the answer isn't as simple as stating which of the technologies is superior. Climate, geography and purpose all play a factor in the efficiency of both technologies.

Energy is used for many different purposes, and these purposes vary depending on the area it is used in, as well as those who are using it. Solar panels would be a better option for rural or sub-urban areas, whereas wind turbines would be more suitable for large, urban areas. One wind turbine produces more energy than 40,000 solar panels, making them more effective in areas with large populations, and solar panels in less populated areas.

As both wind turbines and solar panels depend on the weather to be powered, climate and geography both play a huge role in their usability. A turbine is no use in an area with no wind, as is a solar panel with no sun. Cities along large bodies of water are exposed to more wind, thus making wind turbines the better option, whereas a solar panel would work to it's fullest potential in a desert. Not to mention solar panels only work for 12-16 hours a day.

Both wind and solar power are great renewable resources that will surely be of great use to us in the future, so it's up to you to take action.

Are Wind And Solar Energy Worth The Effort?

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