Remembering love

Shadiana Haney

I miss running into your arms

as you lift me higher and higher.

I wish you were here,

cooking in the big kitchen

as your long braid swayed

the sound of your humming

filling the cold air with warmth

Your life was full of joy and smiles.

you, who taught me so much,

helping me lift the bowl to the counter

watching as I struggled to stir the dough

only helping me only when I needed it

as you laugh when my cookies

came out of the oven, mushy messes.

You, who pushed me

up and down on the swing.

As I giggled with joy

and when I thought I could fly

you, where there to pick me up

kissing my "boo boo's"

telling me everything was alright

You, Nani, my grandma

who I miss so dearly

who we visit every other Sunday

Replacing the flowers on your grave

under the big weeping willow

where we talk for hours

where I miss you so much

Mahalo Mr. Johnson

Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson) by Mahalo Mr. Johnson