George Herman "Babe" Ruth, Jr.

Major League Baseball player

Babe's Biography

Babe was sent to a boys institution when he was seven years old where he learned life lessons and baseball skills. He started his MLB career as an outstanding pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. He wanted to be an everyday player so he converted to an outfielder. He broke the MLB home run record just 5 years after being signed to a minor league contract. The next season, Ruth was sold to the Yankees. He played 15 years with New York and won 4 World Series. He was a big impact in the "Roaring Twenties" because he had a lot of attention by the public and press for his baseball skills and things he did off field. He would visit kids in hospitals and orphanages. He was also popular for drinking and womanizing. in 1946, he was diagnosed with cancer and died 2 years later.