Trey Songz

What was Trey Songz most popular songs? Gotta make it, gotta go, can't help but wait, last time, i need a girl, lol smiley face, say aah, neighbors know my name, can't be friends, bottoms up, love faces, unusual, heartbreak, dive in, 2 reasons, na na, foreign, touchin, lovin

What was Trey Songz most popular albums? Ready, i gotta make it, passion, pain & pleasure, trigga, trey day, chapter v

How did he get discovered? His family and friends recognized his singing ability and wanted him to get out of his shyness. He got disvoered during a talent show in 2000.

Who are Trey Songz inspirations? Jay Z and R Kelly

Where does he come from? Petersburg, VA

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