Classroom Newsletter

Novemebr 8 - Mrs. LeCroy and Ms. Spencer

GT Book Club Night

If you signed up for the book club, I look forward to seeing you from 6:00 to 7:00 tonight in the media center.


I am very pleased with the majority of the assessments taken recently. Students have been studying their content online via Quia, and also using their journals and textbooks. I am seeing so many more 90-100 percents! I think much of it has to do with their careful eye. We should be very proud of their hard work! They are learning so much!


Soon, you will see a sign up for a special November lunch we will plan. Because we eat so much turkey and other popular sides around that date, in the past, we have done a 'tailgate' lunch. This means parents will sign up to bring in finger foods. This will take place during our lunch time on November 20. Typically in the past, we've had vegetables and dip, chicken nuggets, fruit tray, sandwiches (pimento cheese or chicken salad- or PB&J), cocktail wieners or meatballs, chips, and drinks. If you can think of something specific you'd like to bring, please let me know soon and I will add it to the sign up when I create it. The kids always have a lot of fun. I think in the past we've had Carolina and Clemson cupcakes since they play that weekend.


Please continue to encourage your child to study multiplication facts. They can do this using their cards in their iPocket. They can also use the Sheppard Software link on my Classroom Resource page. Once they take a fact quiz, they will continue to retake them until they master that fact.

Addition and Subtraction Facts- Please also encourage them to use Xtramath to study these. Half of the students did not pass our school wide assessment last month. We will be taking it again the last Thursday of the month. This is something they should have mastered in first or second grade. Please let me know if you cannot get in. We glued passwords down in our agendas.

Students will also bring something home tomorrow to help them remember their really aged facts. We suggest they display it in a high traffic area. Perhaps a mirror in the bedroom or bathroom, or maybe the refrigerator.


We are in the process of finalizing some really cool Educreations videos on Land and Water Features. Some finished today. Others will finish tomorrow. They can view them only on the app as far as I know. It is only for the iPad. If you don't have access, I will be more than happy to show you one day after or before school. Te only downfall to this app is it doesn't save, and you can't record over things. It's created to be very simple, so it is not mistake free. However, they worked very hard.

Social Studies

Next week, we will assess the contributions of slaves. Students can be studying this activity on Quia, or their article/Jacob's Ladder in their notes.

Language Arts

We are working on creating an iMovie for Nonfiction Text Features in Reading. This is leading up to an important research project. I normally do not suggest apps that aren't free, but the students really seem to love iMovie. If you are looking for an app to purchase, iMovie is a great one. It is $4.99. They would be able to use it for projects this year. You could even use it at home to compile family photos and put music behind them! This is by no means a requirement, but I just wanted you to be aware that it is a good app if you are interesting in purchasing it from the App Store.

We have begun a Descriptive Writing Unit. Our Fall Writing is on display on the main hallway. We are really focusing on ways to prewrite, so that we have organized thoughts before writing drafts. Secret Word: Fall