K-2 Newsletter

September 25, 2015

Hi K-2 Team!

We enjoyed seeing everyone at PD this past Wednesday, September 23rd, and look forward to seeing your guided reading groups in action soon! Thanks to those teachers who hosted members of the C&I team during our walk-thrus this week. We identified trends for improving the curriculum as well as areas of support for curriculum implementation. This newsletter contains information regarding our Curriculum Survey data, math manipulatives, and Quarter Two RLA curriculum. As always, reach out if you need support

Avis, Tiffany, and Krysten

Curriculum Survey Data

Thanks to the 20 K-2 teachers who took the C&I team curriculum survey a few weeks ago! We enjoyed reading the survey and will be using the feedback to adjust our curriculum plans moving forward. If you are missing RLA texts, please see your DoSos ASAP. All books should be present in the buildings or on their way soon! See the the picture below for your average data. We will send another survey in a few weeks to continue to solicit your feedback as we prepare third quarter curriculum.
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Heggerty and Wilson Phonics Pacing

Here is the pacing for the next two weeks of school:

Week of September 28th: Week 8

Week of October 5th: Week 9

Please note: Schools who did not have enough Wilson teacher manuals received copies for the first 12 weeks. If you haven't received a copy of the manual yet, check in with your school leader and/or DoSo for plans for getting weekly plans for after Week 12.

Quarter Two RLA Curriculum

All Quarter Two RLA curriculum units will be posted in final form to SharePoint by COB on Friday, October 2nd!

Math Manipulatives and Materials

One request that came up repeatedly on the curriculum survey was a request for Math manipulatives. Please reach out to your school leader and DoSo if you need materials- we cannot do that for you from the curriculum team!

Check out the link below for suggestions on using whiteboards

Krysten Wendell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction