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A Newsletter for TOHS families - November, 2018


Why Happy Tree Friends and Whispy Clouds are Important to Lancers

Lancer families,

I hope this edition of the GreenSheet finds you sufficiently recovered after a busy homecoming week and a festive Halloween. As I write this message I find myself reflecting on a conversation I had with several students during lunch on Halloween. As you know, many of our students wore costumes to school. It's one of my favorite days, not only because in my mind it marks the beginning of the holiday season, but also because I get to see our student's creativity and sense of humor on full display. Take for instance the two images below. The first image is a shot I found on the internet of Bob Ross, host of the long running PBS show, "the Joy of Painting." The second image speaks for itself. I'm still smiling.

What's interesting is the conversation I had with these two young men as well as the 12 or so friends who were standing nearby when I took the picture. As you may know, Mr. Ross is making a comeback among an unlikely group - modern day teenagers. What's more interesting is that his comeback has nothing to do with painting. I asked the group of students why Mr. Ross was becoming popular again, and when one student said (I'm paraphrasing) "when I need to calm down, I watch a Bob Ross episode," every student was nodding in agreement. When I said (half-jokingly) "sounds like we need a Bob Ross day at TO," the students cheered. I walked away with gears fully grinding.

I mention this not to unveil our plans for a Bob Ross Day at TO (at least not yet), but rather to illustrate a bigger message. Our students need time for focused relaxation. Many teens these days are so busy, so over-programmed, so strapped for time that they find themselves searching for ways and means to help calm them down. This fact is not lost on me and the timing of this interaction could not have been better. Our Site Council is preparing to write our 2018-2019 SPSA (Single Plan for Student Achievement) - the document in which TOHS rolls out it's plans for the year. This year, TOHS will have four SPSA goals - one aligned with each of our four district LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan) goals. One goal will focus on student performance, another on the professional development opportunities for our faculty, another on community outreach, and the final goal will focus on student mental, emotional and social wellness. It's the last goal that is topical here.

Evidence (both anecdotal and formally collected) suggest that TOHS needs to focus supports on the complete child - not just on their academic side. We need to focus efforts on ensuring that students arrive on and leave campus each day feeling challenged, feeling happy, feeling connected, feeling safe, and feeling like they had a regular opportunity to unplug, disconnect, breathe deep and just be (while not doing anything) for just a few minutes. Some call this practice mindfulness and its implementation is becoming common in high schools across the nation - although what it looks like varies from campus to campus. Site Council will be looking at ways that we can implement our version of mindfulness in the weeks to come.

Thanks for your continued support of our school,

Dr. Eric Bergmann

Principal, TOHS

Involve. Accept. Inspire


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Future Lancers Night

Future Lancer Night (FLN) is an opportunity for our school to invite would-be students and their families onto campus and show them why coming to our school would be such a great idea. Many of you took part in it and presumably had a positive experience. In years past, FLN took place in early- to mid-February. Because the Inter-district transfer and school choice application window has been moved up, CVUSD high schools all agreed to hold these open house events to late November and early December. This year, FLN will be taking place on Tuesday, November 27th, starting at 6. The event will look much the same as it has in the past - those in attendance will walk away with a solid understanding of who we are, and what we are all about. You also might remember that at the end of FLN in year past, families headed back to the gym in order to get themselves signed up for activities, clubs, sports, etc. Given the very early date of this year's FLN, we've decided to pull that element out and hold a separate event in the spring for those families who selected TOHS as their high school where they can come and get themselves signed up for everything that students are interested in. Spread the word!
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Library Renovation About to Begin!

This weekend, we will begin the process of preparing K Building for our next Measure I rebuilding project. Soon, our circa-1970s library will be transformed into a modern, comfortable, multi-purpose learning lab. Below are several renderings of what the interior will look like. Please note that during the construction process (scheduled to be complete in June, 2019), the library will be temporarily housed in rooms H1 and H2. Additionally, portions of the exterior of K building facing the quad will also be re-modeled. It will be critical that during times of exterior construction, everyone steer clear of the construction zone. More information on safety precautions will be forthcoming.
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New School Profile

Thanks to Tasha Beaudoin and Bill Zasadil for their help in rebuilding our school's public profile. This document is used in many ways - not the least of which is that it's a document that many colleges will view in order to help make admissions decisions about students in our school. I'm sure you'll agree that our new profile shows the great work that we are doing at TOHS. I'm incredibly proud to serve the institution that's described in this work. #BleedGreen #involveacceptinspire. If you can't download or read the photo below, it will soon be posted on our school's website and will be easier to view.
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Almost Maine

The Theatre Department of Thousand Oaks High School is proud to present as its fall mainstage production of Almost Maine.


Almost Maine

“It’s love, but not quite”

Welcome to Almost, Maine, a place that’s so far north, it’s almost not in the United States. It’s almost in Canada. And it’s not quite a town, because its residents never got around to getting organized. So it almost doesn’t exist. One cold, clear, winter night, as the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, the residents of Almost, Maine, find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and hilarious ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend—almost—in this delightful midwinter night’s dream.

“ALMOST, MAINE is a series of nine amiably absurdist vignettes about love, with a touch of good-natured magic realism…witty, romantic, unsentimental. A beautifully structured play, with nifty surprise endings (most but not all of them happy).” —NY Times.

“Sweet, poignant, and witty. Nearly perfect. ALMOST, MAINE’s charm is real. [It] packs wit, earns its laughs and, like love, surprises you.” —NY Daily News.

“Mega-hit ALMOST, MAINE lands somewhere between Norman Rockwell and Our Town. Unabashedly unhip. There is no pretense of an edge here—the show offers a sweetness and decency that’s become rare at the theater. At this point, it’s a welcome breath of fresh air.” —New York Post.

Final performances are November 7,8,9,10. Curtain is at 7:30 P.M. and tickets are $10 at the PAC Box Office. For more information call (805) 495-7491 ext 2003.


Our next ELAC meeting will be November 7 at 6pm in the MPR. Moorpark College will be presenting on financial aid and CSUCI University Culture will be presenting on the CSU application process.

Help Wanted for Mock Trial

Our Mock trial team could use the assistance of any courtroom litigators in our community. If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested, please contact Dr. Bergmann in the TOHS office.

Reminder to Keep Valuables Safe and Secure

Lancers, we are seeing an increase in the number valuable items - cell phones, laptops, expensive athletic equipment, etc. being left unattended around campus. Please, please, please remind students to keep valuables with them or in a locked location. Many thanks.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors and Link Crew hosted over 300 middle school students to our 7th annual leadership conference which included team-building activities, small group discussions, and an exciting brainstorming for inclusion activities to bring back to campus. We also hosted an advisor session that included CVUSD Mental Health Specialist, Heather Chamberlin, and Break Through Counselor, Becca Stellmar to talk about how student leadership groups can support all students on their campuses.

The Peer Mentoring Class was also invited to attend the CVUSD State of the Schools at CLU on Oct 11th where they met leaders in our Community and District to discuss all-things education, as well as presented at the Thousand Oaks Youth Commission in an effort to inform and inspire other schools in the CVUSD to expand peer support programs.

Peer Mentors partnered with the PACER Organization to host 3 booths at the TO Rotary Street Fair where they had the public participate in a kindness challenge by selecting random cards that list ways to spread kindness in our community. Students also painted faces and handed out literature on action plans to be more positive in our daily lives - all resources were found at this site:

We are also having a lunchtime celebration on October 24th in celebration of Unity Day to promote inclusion and kindness.

Peer Mentors facilitate our daily Lunch Bunch in Room E-7 where all TOHS students are invited to attend, listen to music, play ping pong, meet new friends, and learn about clubs here on campus! We had out Halloween Party with 100+ Lancers and Link Crew organized a TOHS Club campus-wide trick-or-treating event! Stop by and see what all the excitement is about!

Peer Mentoring Class has spend the last week competing in two teams to build 2 new ping pong tables that were purchased from a community grant. This means that Lunch Bunch will have FOUR ping pong tables for students to use at lunch.

It has been an incredibly busy month and our students are looking forward to moving back into our class curriculum and team-building while we take a break from the event planning!

Reminders from the Counseling Office

Our letter of recommendation deadline is December 3rd.

This is the last day for students to ask for letters of recommendation for college applications (not including scholarships).

Please monitor student progress on Q. To connect with teachers about student progress and grades, please visit the contact us page on the Thousand Oaks High School website for teacher contact information:

Our counseling webpage has many great resources for students and parents! Tutoring resources, College/Career information, How to contact your counselors, Important Dates and Information, plus so much more!! Check us out at

Naviance is a College and Career Portal provided by our district for all students to use. Your student can access college, career, and self-exploration information. Follow the link on our TOHS webpage to sign up and check out our YouTube video with step-by-step instructions and information:

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Academic Support for Students

Math Re-Teaching: Beginning September 4th, we will be offering our free math re-teaching classes. Students who attend the help class TWICE before any test will be given extra credit on their test score. All classes are held from 3 to 4 pm. Here are the locations and days for each class:

  • Geometry, Mondays and Wednesdays in G6
  • Algebra 1, Tuesdays and Thursdays in H4
  • Algebra 2, Tuesdays and Thursdays in G6

Spanish Intervention Program (SIP): Spanish 1 students are encouraged to go to our free after-school help class. The class will be held on Wednesdays after school. Details and location will be announced soon in Spanish 1 classes.

Tutoring Center: Our free tutoring center will begin on Wednesday, September 12th. The center will be held in room F1 this year and will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 5pm. Tutors will be able to help with all levels of English (including AP), all areas of science (including AP), Math (through Calculus), all areas of social studies, as well as Spanish

Athletic News

Trevor Howarth (Football) and Nicole Shin (Girls Golf) were selected as the Male and Female Athletes of the Month for September.

Trevor Howarth has been an integral part of our team. A Green Helmet award winner. In the month of September, Trevor has had 191 yds rushing, 2 TD’s, with 27 yds receiving. Defensively he has had a total of 35 tackles and 1 interception.

Nicole Shin has averaged a 40 in all of her matches for the month of Sept. She shot a high school best of 36 and followed it with a 37 at Los Robles (Par 34). We won 2 league matches as a result of her either giving us a cushion, or keeping up with their number 1 golfer.

Congratulations to Field Hockey as they defeated Westlake 1-0 to earn the first Girls Field Hockey victory in school history!

Another amazing performance by our Boys Cross Country team as they ran the 4th fastest time in the history of the Ojai Invitational at Lake Casitas and won the boys race led by Michael Mireles who was the individual winner. And with their 2nd place finish in league, the boys have qualified for the CIF Championships. Currently the boys are ranked 4th in Division 2.

Girls Volleyball finished 2nd in league and made it to the CIF Division 3 playoffs.

Winter Sports are now underway. Find all athletic schedules at

Reminders from the Activities Office

Reminders from Student Activities:

  • Purchase ASB stickers in the student store to support school activities and save money on school wide events, spirit gear and the yearbook. Admission to home TO athletic events is free.

  • All students parking on TOHS campus must have a valid parking permits. The parking permit procedures and application are available online under the Student Store tab of the TOHS homepage. Parking permits must be properly displayed in car windows. If students park in the student lot without a valid parking permit or park in the faculty lots, disciplinary action will be taken.

  • Students must have a valid Student ID with them at all times. Student ID pictures were taken during Lancer Check-In and on the first day of school. If a student has lost their ID, a replacement ID can be purchased through the student store and the receipt brought to the front office after school for a reprint of the ID. If students have not taken their ID picture, please come to the front office for assistance.

November Activities Important Dates:

Nov. 1st – 3rd Fall Play, Almost, Maine, PAC at 7:30 pm

Nov. 2nd Student Senate, Lunch in ASB Room

Nov. 3rd Marching Band at Hart High School Competition

Nov. 5th CASL Leadership Development Day, Gym

Nov. 6th Orchestra/Strings Program Concert, PAC at 6:00 pm

Nov. 7th -10th Fall Play, Almost Maine, PAC at 7:30 pm

Nov. 10th Marching Band at Oxnard High School and Moorpark High School Competitions

Nov. 14th School-Wide Assembly: Joe Beckman, What will your legacy be? How will you be remembered?

Nov. 14th Jazz Band Concert, PAC at 7:00 pm

Nov. 17th Marching Band at Ramona High School Competition

Nov. 17th Competition Cheer Team at Sharp Competition, Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Nov. 27th Future Lancer Night/Open House, Gym/PAC/MPR, at 6:00 pm


Date Change!! EThOS Parent Information night event for current 9th grade families on December 6th from 6-7 in room F1. This night event addresses the application and interview process, as well as an overview of the Academy pathway.

Information night will cover highlights of the Academy and the application process for the 2019-2020 school year.

The Center

Juniors in The Center are beginning the initial stages of their year-long Advanced Placement research projects. Students are currently involved in developing their research question, reviewing and analyzing research and data, and establishing the necessary protocols for their research projects. Some research topics include:

· The Usage of CT Scans to Improve Lung Cancer Detection

· The Effect of Oxygen Concentration on Stem Cell Treatment

· Artificial Transplantation of Coral Larvae

· Reducing the Environmental Impact of Commercial Aviation with a Truss Braced Wing

· Evaluating the Role of Venture Capital in the Development of Biopharmaceuticals

· The Effects of Acquiring a Driver's License on Adolescent Dietary Habits

· The Correlation of Food Insecurity and the Academic Success of College Students in Ventura County

· Regulating Outdoor Lighting Types within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Order to Reduce Light Pollution

We invite you to explore all of the topics our students are researching to see if you or someone you know might have expertise in any of the topics being researched, We are looking for expert advisors and mentors to work with these exceptional students, particularly in the fields of science, engineering, marketing and research. We hope you’ll click here for more details.

Project Concern

From November 9 through November 19, Period 2 classes will be collecting non-perishable food items as well as hams and frozen turkeys for the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive organized by Project Concern and Lancers United. Each food item donated to the drive earns the giver's class one point with the exception of the hams and turkeys; they count for TWENTY-FIVE points! All classes will be competing for the chance to win a deluxe breakfast party hosted by these two student clubs.

With the help of counselors, administration and staff, coaches, club advisors, and classroom teachers, Project Concern collects the names of TOHS students whose families are unable to put a true Thanksgiving dinner on the table. Members of Project Concern and Lancers United then assemble boxes of groceries, accompanied by a ham or turkey and roasting pan that are picked up by the students' families or delivered to their homes. In 2017, TOHS fed 33 families and still had enough turkeys left over so that the families most in need received these gifts of additional food at Christmas.

Opportunity for Students to Dive into Writing

The Juniper Institute for Young Writers (July 21-28,2019) – for students who are passionate about writing. Open to high school students finishing grades 9, 10, and 11. Visit for guidelines and online application or contact or (415) 545-8988 for more information.

TEDxYouth@Conejo Speaker Auditions

TEDxYouth@ConejoSpeaker Auditions:Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The theme for the 2019 TEDxYouthevent is Barriers. Auditions have now opened for any CVUSD student. Sign up for an audition time on November 6th, 8th, 12thor 15thby emailing A 2-5 minute preview of your talk is all that is needed for the audition. Committee positions are also available


Please Join!

Please consider joining the TOHS PTSA. Our PTSA serves an incredibly important function supporting our teachers and students. In addition to the creation and oversight of many unique programs (after-prom party, reflections, staff appreciation efforts, etc), the PTSA has an amazing mini-grant program that funds a lot of teacher-driven innovation. You may join our PTSA on the TOHS PTSA website found here:

Have old documents that you need to dispose of safely? PTSA is hosting a shredding event pm November 10th from 8 to 11 am in our parking lot. $10 per business sized box.

PTSA will be hosting speaker Joe Beckman who will speak to all students during assemblies on November 14th as a part of Red Ribbon Week.

TOHS is represented at the Special Education District Advisory Council. Our rep attends the meeting once a month and the reports at our site council meeting. The hope is to reach out to families and have them opt in to receive updates.


Looking for a cool stocking stuffer? PTSA will be selling these awesome cups for $6 at various events during the school year. Supply is limited! Get a set before they are gone!

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Free Heart Screening

If any parent is interested in signing their student up for a free heart screening, representatives will be in the quad at lunch in order to register students.. Interested families may also sign up by visiting the website found in the flyer posted below.
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TOHS Holiday Boutique

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New CVUSD Volunteer Requirements

As many of you are aware, our district has implemented new volunteer requirements. Please know that this is a new process and is always the case with new systems, there will be a period of fine-tuning. District personnel are completely aware that there is a vast difference between the volunteer needs of a high school and an elementary school. We are looking for ways to keep the process streamlined and not overly cumbersome, while at the same time ensuring that every student in the district is kept as safe as possible. No doubt more information will be shared in the not too distant future. I will be sending a separate email to families with a list of helpful resources. In the meantime, here is a link the new Volunteer Registration form that is required for anyone who will be volunteering at our school:

Please note the need for TB clearance from a doctor, a background check, as well as the documentation needed for those driving students to a school activity. The chart below will show what is required given the nature of the volunteer work to be performed. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office.

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Warning about Parking Across the Street and in Neighborhoods

Lancer Families,

Please, please, please do not use the strip mall parking lot across Moorpark for school events! Cars can and will be towed by property management at the owner's expense. Thanks for helping us be good neighbors.

Additionally, please refrain from parking in nearby neighborhoods. We've received several complaints from neighbors about an increase in congestion as well as litter.

Thanks for helping us be great neighbors

Drop-Off/Pick Up

Parents, we need your help! As many have no doubt noticed, during pick up and drop off hours, we see serious congestion along Moorpark Road and Avenida de las Flores. I'm in the process of exploring ways that the congestion can be mitigated (including the start of a conversation with the city), but given the existing combination of the number of drivers and the current configuration of lights, turns and signs, there will always be traffic. There are, however, a few things that our patrons can do in order to keep things moving. Here's a list of helpful hints to aid in your commute.

1. If dropping off your student, give yourself plenty of time - you'll need it.

2. Please do continue to be patient. We realize that can be difficult on some days, but your ongoing patience is appreciated.

3. When entering the front lot from Moorpark onto Lancer Way, please DO remember that the traffic heading eastbound on Lancer Way has a stop sign. As much as I admire and appreciate courteous drivers, if lot-bound drivers stop (with no sign) in order to let eastbound Lancer Way traffic through (who do have a stop sign), they cause traffic to back up severely on Moorpark.

4. When pulling into the lots, pull as far forward as you can go before allowing your student into or out of the car.

5. If our staff is out there and helping move traffic, please DO follow their directions. They are there primarily for the safety of our staff and students as well as to keep traffic moving.

6. When entering the lot on Flores, please use all available entrance lanes.

7. Please do stay alert and drive slowly through our lots. Teachers, staff and students walk through the lots to get into school!

8. Please do not stop on Moorpark or Flores in order to drop off or pick up your student. That presents a very real hazard for everyone involved

9. Please do not drop off or pick up students in the parking half of the front lot.

10. Don't ignore directional signs! that our lots are one-way lots. Cars are only allowed to drive in southerly direction. of the lot. During school hours, DO NOT turn left onto Moorpark when exiting the lot.

Ways to Stay Connected

In addition to our newly designed website (, you can also find us on Facebook. Also, it seems every student group on campus has a Twitter account that will allow you to follow individual groups should you wish to do so. Our school has a great general twitter feed that tweets lots info about the school (@ThousandOaksHS) and I have my own account where I'll tweet my own thoughts and observations about the school (@ewbergmann). Please feel free to follow!


IMPORTANT! Yearbook Pre-orders END on December 14th!

Unfortunately, due to increasing costs, WE WILL NOT HAVE EXTRA BOOKS at the end of the year. There will be absolutely NO SALES after December 14th. PLEASE reserve your student's copy of the 2019 Lancer Legend TODAY at the Student Web Store.

LAST CALL for SENIOR TRIBUTES! Parents...Class of 2019 tributes are available through November 30th ONLY. All information and instructions can be found on the TOHS website.

Please go to: (click on ACTIVITIES, then YEARBOOK)

From the Classroom

Recently, our AP Environmental Science students went on a field trip to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SAMO NRA). While there, they collected data as part of an ongoing experiment at the park. The SAMO NRA maintains a native plant nursery for restoration, education, conservation and research. Plant propagation in the past generally involves common soil mixtures that include fertilizer and perlite. Research conducted at SAMO NRA on the soil legacy effects of invasive species has suggested that adding native soil microbes could improve restoration success. In recent years, the nursery has added native soil to soil mixes for propagation flats and transplants. Observations have suggested higher germination success in seeded flats. However, we have never tested these soil treatments. Our students tested several soil mixtures to determine differences in plant performance at the nursery and after plants have been planted in restoration projects. The results of this study could help guide nursery and restoration practices.

EThOS Field Trip

EThOS juniors experienced a professional trade show on Nov. 1 when they traveled to the Los Angeles Convention Center for Franchise Expo West.

Health Science Field Trip

Health Science Major students toured Los Robles Hospital on October 26. Here TOHS parent Kurt Kohler explains tools and devices used in the cardiac cath lab.
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Athletic Tickets Now For Sale Online

Tickets to athletic events are now available online. You easily redeem on your phone at ANY gate. Here is the website link for anyone who is interested: