Cole Gacke's EIP Portfolio

Standard 1 Communication

Standard 4: Explain and analyze the influence of the historical, philosophical, and sociological role and the impact on today's educational system

  • Describe the impact that different educational system models have on student learning

( - I used my classroom comparison because it explains the different teaching styles at different places and the impact on students learning

  • Compare and contrast the major philosophies of education (Pic below)


The purpose of education is to give your students what they need to know to grow up and develop to become a member in society. The purpose of education is to also help provide the most possible development of each learner for living more creatively and productively in the society. The philosophy that best fit my personal view of education was progressivism. Progressivism is where the teacher believes that education should focus on all the students, rather than the teacher or the content. I will use this is my class providing experiences for my students to learn by doing, as well learn from the individual experiencing in the physical and cultural context. The kids need to work with hands on materials and be able to see what they are doing to gain the knowledge more efficient and quicker.

I believe that most students learn and grow from having a classroom management plan. There will be a management plan in my class where the kids know the instructions and what's going to happen most days. Classroom management is a big thing you’re going to need to know how you’re going to want to run your class and how you want to teach. The way you set up your classroom and the rules you have for the kids to follow are going to have an affect on the way your kids learn. For example if kids are going to be the ones that pick their seats or if they are going to be assigned for them. Having the freedom of picking where they sit could totally have an impact on the learning of the student. The way you encourage and approach situations are also going to affect the way kids view you as a teacher and the way they are going to learn in, if they get praised then they'll continue you working hard and doing their best. If they are yelled at constantly and feel like they are a bad kid they are most likely going to keep that behavior and not want to do good in class. The way you approach both negative and positive situations in the classroom, giving test to kids are going to show you how your kids are learning and what you can do to change and help them. The way you test kids is important because some may be way ahead of what progress in each student is important for both them and yourself. Learning standards and assignment you have for kids are going to show you where your kids are and where you want them to be. You’ll have kids in all different places some advanced, some where they should be. So having a learning standard is good because you can focus on one thing where everyone should be.

What sets me apart from others is that I’ve taken EIP for a year now and I’ve been in the classroom working with the kids, being in front of them, teaching them, and running the classroom while they have a sub. I have lots of experience with younger kids and have taken many classes dealing with them. Especially with my mom being a teacher I’ve helped her out throughout the year. I’ve made lesson plans and have taught them to the class. What’s awesome about me is that I could easily go into a Kindergarten class and get to teaching with the kids. I know what their schedules are and I know what they need to learn. Someone should hire me because of the experience I’ve had. I’m a very hard worker and I absolutely love kids. I want the best for them so I will go out of my way to make sure they get everything they deserve. With my mom being a teacher it has inspired me to be one my whole life. I may not like school but I feel like I would be a great teacher. What is takes to be a good teacher is to be hard working, dedicated, caring, patience, fun, creative , and lots more. I think being dedicated is the biggest skill because no one likes teachers who doesn’t care about you. Students want to ask questions and get good grades. The teachers should keep up and make sure there students aren’t gonna fail. Answer the kids questions, be there for them, do everything in your power to give them the knowledge they need to know. There is many other skills to have to be a teacher, EIP has really shown me teaching is no easy task, All the assignment that need to be set up and the notes they have to create, the grading, and all the other busy work they need to do. I really do think EIP has made me want to pursue teaching even more. I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to be apart of this class.

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Standard 2: Identify and evaluate characteristics of effective teachers

  • Identify characteristics of high and low self-esteem and the impact on student achievement - In my EIP class I had a kid named Corbin who struggled a lot and had to be taken out of class and redirected all the time. He has very high self-esteem I would think. He is a very smart kid but he doesn’t try his hardest because he is constantly distracted.

  • Explain personal characteristics, abilities, knowledge, and skills needed to work in education careers - Mr. Gates - Patience, Flexibility, Creativity, Interpersonal communication skills, commitment, resilience, Actually like the kids (enjoy there job)

    Having those traits and especially enjoying the teaching job. You need to have relationship with the students.

  • Identify the rewards and challenges of teaching - Mr. Gates - A lot of flexibility. New day is a new challenge, you get to try new things every year, making a difference and positive impact in the community

  • Recognize how schedules, activities, routines and transitions promote learning in an effective classroom - My teacher goes by a certain schedule every day. The kids are learning to follow schedules right now and that is a good way to start. The kids are always asking when they're gonna start there next subject if it reaches a certain time.

Standard 3: Recognize and demonstrate effective management of diversity in the classroom

Standard 5: Identify and describe a teacher's responsibility for creating a safe learning environment

  • Apply safety standards in accordance with applicable regulations, health standards, and organizational practices - It's important to have safety rules in the school so everyone is safe. There are many way to be safe in the classroom and throughout the school. Food safety is a big one in both the school and classroom. You need to be aware of the students who are allergic to foods and what foods are being given and eaten by other students. Safety in the classroom is as simple as pushing in their chairs, no running, tying shoes, picking coats/ jackets off the floor. Health safety is also huge one because we don't want everyone getting sick in the school. Washing hands, cleaning tables, not sharing supplies so that everyone doesn't spread germs. In my class we have signs that say wash your hands after blowing your nose, going to the restroom, before and after eating. There are also signs that say we have allergies int he classroom and that we need to be careful as to what we eat.
  • Evaluate and control risks to safety, health, and the environment in learning settings - Tie your shoes, push in your chairs, not leaving there bags or coats on the ground, no running in the classroom
  • Identify school employees' responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of students - In my classroom we have 1 kid who had a food allergy. So for snack and anytime they had food in class, Mrs. Painter needed to check if it was peanut free. There is a rule in our class where you can't share your food because in kindergarten you teach them how to not share germs. Mrs. Painters class has never really had a problem with this though.
  • Explain emergency response plans - If one is to have an allergic reaction they would call 911 then call down the nurse, while the nurse is looking they would call the parents and let them know what is going on. The nurse would try the best he/she could do to help him until the paramedics come.